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Black Doors: The Glamor of the Façade

Black doors are one of the most favorite front doors colors for the homeowners. It has been so for ages. Some of the medieval buildings that we see in many parts of the world boast of black doors.

12 April, 2018

Bedroom Style Battle : Canada vs USA

You may be anywhere in the world, but the one place that is absolutely personal to you, and that you want to be in absolutely your style is your bedroom. Bedrooms can be of a variety of styles, and the style also depends on the climatic conditions of…

30 March, 2018

How to Design a Bedroom to Ensure a Peaceful Night’s Sleep?

A comfortably decorated bedroom is one of the prime requisites of a stylish home. It ensures a peaceful night’s rest for those who occupy the space. It is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of the family members.

25 March, 2018

Porcelain vs. Ceramic: Which one is a Better Option for Your Home?

Usually, modern homes are decorated with porcelain or ceramic tiles in various ways. In fact, it is unthinkable for the modern homeowners to design a house without using porcelain tiles or their ceramic counterparts.

23 March, 2018

Home Staging Tips: Make Your House Ready for Quick Sell

Perhaps you are moving to a new city. May be you need a bigger home or plan to buy one which is closer to your workplace. There could be many reasons influencing your decision of selling your present home.

17 March, 2018

Calming Bedroom Colors: How to Ensure a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Recently a study suggested that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. Quite naturally, a high percentage of these hours are spent in our bedrooms. So bedroom décor is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of each one of us.

10 March, 2018

Quilt, Duvet, Comforter, Coverlet: Bed Cover Options

What makes a bedroom comfortable for you? A relaxing one where you can gave a good night’s rest and wake up rejuvenated? To begin with you certainly need a quality bed. There is a lot of choices available in terms of materials and designs.

07 March, 2018

Modern wall coverings for the bedroom

The bedroom is the room of our dreams (literally). Although most of the time that we spend in our bedroom is while sleeping, we always like to enjoy it before going to bed or after getting up.

22 January, 2018

How to integrate the bathroom in the bedroom?

Although today it seems so everyday, the bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom was a luxury worthy of the best hotels until a few decades ago. Things have changed a lot and nowadays it is difficult to find a new home in which the master bedroom does not…

16 January, 2018

Single story functional home with three bedrooms

A single-story house is the latest choice of many new house buyers. This is because a one-story house is easy to build, not expensive, comfortable, and has the flexibility in design and interiors to be decorated as per your desiresThe advantages of a…

27 December, 2017