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An incredible home extension

This home extension gave a single floor home a whole new level, and a lot more square feet. The simple design perfectly integrated the new construction with the existing one, allowing for a unified look that will still stun you.

27 August, 2017

A family bungalow gets a stunning loft

Everyone could benefit from an in-laws suite, or a rental suite, on their property, but few people have enough room in their homes. Well, with brilliant additions like this loft, anyone can bring in extra money from a rental property, or take care of…

25 August, 2017

Before and After: A Home Creatively Transformed

Today, we will travel to Italy to explore how architect professionals Domenico Lupariello transformed an old apartment into a chic, stylish and modern space.With careful attention to detail, they created a home that is comfortable yet trendy, functio…

09 August, 2017

4 Stunning Canadian home renovation projects

We’re rounding up 4 of the most stunning newly renovated Canadian homes today. We’ll see renovations that created brighter and more open homes that their families will love for years to come.

04 July, 2017

5 home renovations that make you look twice

With careful comparison you'll be able to see how these old homes turned into the marvelous beauties they are today. But, only with careful comparison. The exterior of these homes have been so dramatically altered, they'll give you hope for even the…

01 July, 2017

Home renovation: A 1930s home gets an energy-efficient update

This is no ordinary transformation project and must have put the architects in charge under serious pressure to perform, but they really rose to the challenge, as you'll soon see! An original 1937 settler's house was massively adapted to account for…

07 June, 2017

A boring house that got much more than just a facelift!

Taking a nice enough but totally unremarkable home, knocking it down and replacing it with a veritable dream property might not sound like everybody's idea of a good time, but that is exactly what happened during the project that we are going to show…

01 May, 2017

A Toronto attic becomes a lofty adult retreat

This home renovation has provided a fitting location for the ultimate “stay-cation”: these homeowners have decided to turn their attic into a relaxing and luxurious adult retreat! This reno project was no simple undertaking—in converting their attic…

A renovated Victorian-era Toronto house with a beautiful blend of old and new

Displaying a delicate blend of old and new, this renovated home draws out the charm of its Victorian origins while brushing up the interior with a mixture of modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian styles.

A drab Victorian office building becomes a lovely modern home

30 years ago, this Victorian style house in Guildford, Surrey, was leased out as office space by the owner. But over time, it continued to lose its profitability, which led the owner to approach the architects at Architecture Live.

24 March, 2017