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House Plants: How to Introduce Greenery in the Living Space?

Canada is a country for garden lovers. A report published by the Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics Division in 2013 revealed that more than half of the Canadian households grew flowers, fruits and vegetable for their personal use in t…

01 April, 2018

Home Staging Tips: Make Your House Ready for Quick Sell

Perhaps you are moving to a new city. May be you need a bigger home or plan to buy one which is closer to your workplace. There could be many reasons influencing your decision of selling your present home.

17 March, 2018

How to build a beautiful rustic pergola

The open areas of a house get their charm only when they are highlighted with a pergola. Wood goes hand in hand with the rustic feel, and hence natural wood is the perfect material for a great looking rustic pergola.

03 March, 2018

Orchard at home: Everything you need to know

Having a garden at home is a great idea. It is fun, it is colorful and above all, very beneficial for the well being. Being able to plant your own food is synonymous with producing what you consume and there is no feeling more blissful than eating fr…

20 February, 2018

How to redesign your garden without spending all your salary!

When the nights get shorter again and you need to reach for the coat less frequently during the day, the summer days are not far. The first days of spring ring in the warm season – and soon the summer will be back at your door.

18 February, 2018

14 Small indoor courtyards that do not take much space

Do you ever wish you had a spacious courtyard in your home? The modern houses have limited space and hardly offer any opportunity to have big open spaces inside the house. However, if you can make good use of space, you can plan a small courtyard ind…

03 January, 2018

35 simple yet charming garden designs

A great garden does not need to have hundreds of plants and ponds and other complex design elements! In fact, you can also create a lawn-free garden, or use potted plants to decorate your yard.

20 December, 2017

14 Distinctive garden cottages you can not miss

Have you ever considered the idea of creating a cottage garden? A garden that has enough space can be converted into a beautiful cottage garden. It can add new focus to your home aesthetics, provide children extra space for activities, and give you a…

09 December, 2017

12 Space saving courtyard gardens under the stairs

Space under the stairs is one of the most underutilized and overlooked spaces, but with just a little thought, you can create a small courtyard in this space. For a small space, the small courtyard under the stairs will bring life to the area under t…

09 December, 2017

15 small gardens under the stairs or at the entrance of your home

A garden inside the house is a trending thing today. Regardless of its size, it is always pleasant to enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature. Since it is an  indoor garden, you need to find the best place available to put it.

01 December, 2017