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6 simple ideas to spend a stress free day in your garden

Want to spend a quiet day in your garden? If so, we have 6 suggestions on how to do it, without stress! Who does not want to enjoy outdoors in fresh air and soak in the warmth while its there.

01 December, 2017

9 quick ideas to renew your garden in just one afternoon

Having a garden is either a liability or an opportunity. If you love gardening, then you would relate to the desire of getting it refreshed with new plants, new landscapes and new colors in flowers from time to time.

30 November, 2017

37 great ideas to have a vertical garden at home

A vertical garden inside your home is the best natural decoration. Small details often make big differences and plants are a great ally to make your home greener and and fresher.

16 November, 2017

11 Amazing floors for your terrace or patio

You may think that the decoration and the furniture you choose for your patio or terrace is something that matters the most. But there is another thing which is essential for showing the image that you want to convey.

30 October, 2017

15 Small yard designs that you can copy

If your home has a small patio and you think there is no way of taking advantage of this space, then here is an article that will prove you wrong. However small the yard might be it can still be the perfect place for ventilating your interior and enj…

23 October, 2017

25 Amazing ideas to decorate your small garden

A small garden can transform the dull look of your home's main entrance by adding color, fragrance, and vitality. Regardless of the size, location or types of plants used, a garden can always bring life and beauty to the area.

22 October, 2017

24 Designs of fences and walls for your house

Protection is the main feature that walls and fences give. However, in addition to providing security, these structures are also a part of the composition that gives an identity to the facade.

13 October, 2017

17 Amazing pool designs for small patios and gardens

When we think of having a pool we imagine a large garden where it could be built. However, it is not necessary to have so much space to be able to enjoy a pool. In this ideabook, we are going to show you 17 pool designs for small yards or gardens so…

11 October, 2017

10 Beautiful seating arrangements for your garden

From yellow plastic chairs to chunky rattan furniture one has to find the perfect balance. The best way to make your space look beautiful is by creating a great sitting corner in the garden. It can be the ideal place for relaxing outdoor.

06 October, 2017

15 Amazing ideas for small gardens

An outdoor garden even if small, is a big dream for many of us. It is the ideal place to spend time with our family and friends. A garden can also be used for big or small parties.

17 September, 2017