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A Small and Modern Weekend Home in Toronto

When you have a house in the town, with all the peace and quiet surrounding it, well you want some fun on the weekends too. This is a weekend getaway home for a couple who lives in Oakville and love to invite friends over for a weekend full of frolic…

09 April, 2018

A stylish house in Toronto with floor plans

What if we tell you that the house that you are about to see in this ideabook is the humble abode of the creators themselves, who create the perfect homes for so many families in and around Toronto.

04 April, 2018

An inspirational and traditional Ottawa house

Houses are everywhere along the streets, but there are a few houses that catch your eyes and attention as you cross that street. Today we will take you for a tour of one such house, located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ottawa.

01 April, 2018

A modern beach house with Vancouver spirit

This beach house, located on a pristine pebble beach in Vancouver is an absolute relaxing treat to the eyes. A great looking wooden beach house with minimal interiors, just as it should be for a house near a beach that promises relaxation and calmnes…

01 March, 2018

Before and After: How to build a modern chalet

Do you find watching the modern houses getting constructed interesting? Dozens (if not a whole hundred!) of experts work on them, thinking and planning to the last detail and using the most modern technologies, taking advantage of the space as optima…

22 February, 2018

A spectacular modern and minimalist house

A modern house with cozy interiors is a great setting for a house. A house that is minimalist in nature requires less maintenance and is easy to care for. A house that has white walls, not only appears calm, it looks much more spacious and illuminate…

15 February, 2018

A modern house with beautiful and colorful interiors

A modern house sprinkled with bright and beautiful colors on the inside is a treat for the eyes and hardly needs any more decoration. Here is a modern, luxurious and great looking house on the inside and outside with comfortable interiors that are su…

14 February, 2018

This modern house in the woods is the perfect escape

A house in the woods, beside the lake, that is the stuff the great stories are made of! However, a house like this can be made in real life as well. Today we have for you a beautiful modern house, located in the woods by the lake, that is a perfect e…

13 January, 2018

2-Storey wooden house that feels warm and natural

Wooden houses can be created in various structural formats. For example, lightweight wooden structures that make walls and roofs with thin planks, and heavy wood structures that fit thick woods together are typical examples.

28 December, 2017

Low-cost prefab house: 360-degree tour of this stunning home

In recent years, prefabricated houses have become very popular. With the increasing interest of home buyers  this rapid prototyping house has already started a boom in the market.

20 December, 2017