The rehabilitation of a rural stone house

Today we would love to take you to Tourón, in the province of Lugo, to discover a traditional construction of the rural environment: a stone house. The building was in a deteriorated state of preservation when the architectural studio Sen Mais carrie…

15 January, 2018

This modern house in the woods is the perfect escape

A house in the woods, beside the lake, that is the stuff the great stories are made of! However, a house like this can be made in real life as well. Today we have for you a beautiful modern house, located in the woods by the lake, that is a perfect e…

13 January, 2018

5 spectacular modern houses from the outside and inside

A modern house is an investment for life. And if you have the opportunity to start designing it from scratch, the architects in tune with the owners can plan how they want the house to be, implementing all the requirements with finesse and style.

03 January, 2018

2-Storey wooden house that feels warm and natural

Wooden houses can be created in various structural formats. For example, lightweight wooden structures that make walls and roofs with thin planks, and heavy wood structures that fit thick woods together are typical examples.

28 December, 2017

Single story functional home with three bedrooms

A single-story house is the latest choice of many new house buyers. This is because a one-story house is easy to build, not expensive, comfortable, and has the flexibility in design and interiors to be decorated as per your desiresThe advantages of a…

27 December, 2017

Low-cost prefab house: 360-degree tour of this stunning home

In recent years, prefabricated houses have become very popular. With the increasing interest of home buyers  this rapid prototyping house has already started a boom in the market.

20 December, 2017

7 commandments to furnish your home with little money

Furnishing your house is always a task that you take up with enthusiasm. But furnishing your home is not such a simple task, as it seems on the face of it, since it implies a constant decision making that can then influence your lives for years to co…

19 December, 2017

10 mind blowing ideas for pools in modern homes

Having a pool at home is a great advantage, and when you can afford to have pool in your home, you absolutely should. You will never regret having a pool in your house. It becomes the favorite hangout spot for kids, your friends and gives you the opp…

12 December, 2017

Five ideas to perk up the atmosphere of your house

We all love change, in our routines, our wardrobes, our hairstyle and even the change in seasons. Why not give your home some change and jazz up the environment inside by some quick and easy thoughtful ideas.

10 December, 2017

14 Distinctive garden cottages you can not miss

Have you ever considered the idea of creating a cottage garden? A garden that has enough space can be converted into a beautiful cottage garden. It can add new focus to your home aesthetics, provide children extra space for activities, and give you a…

09 December, 2017