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Interior architecture articles tips & information

Remove corridors and partitions to transform your house

The corridors as we call them, go long back in history. Narrow walking spaces that guide your from the entrance to a room, and from one room to another. However with the reduced sizes and compactness of the houses, it makes sense to pull out the part…

29 January, 2018

How to choose the perfect entrance door for your home

The entrance door is the face of the house. It is also an important place to create an outstanding first impression of the house, and the amount of security offered by the door depends on the type and design of the door you have chosen to be installe…

29 January, 2018

Modern wall coverings for the bedroom

The bedroom is the room of our dreams (literally). Although most of the time that we spend in our bedroom is while sleeping, we always like to enjoy it before going to bed or after getting up.

22 January, 2018

How to clean and maintain wooden surfaces

We like wood because it is a renewable, organic and economic resource. This noble material, one of the raw materials of vegetable origin that man has used the most throughout history, remains as fashionable as ever.

17 January, 2018

The rehabilitation of a rural stone house

Today we would love to take you to Tourón, in the province of Lugo, to discover a traditional construction of the rural environment: a stone house. The building was in a deteriorated state of preservation when the architectural studio Sen Mais carrie…

15 January, 2018

8 great ideas for houses with uneven floors

In the current era of having everything within a single floor plan at one level,  it is a little difficult to find houses in which the rooms are at different heights, connected with each other by one or two steps, and sometimes there are different he…

08 January, 2018

2-Storey wooden house that feels warm and natural

Wooden houses can be created in various structural formats. For example, lightweight wooden structures that make walls and roofs with thin planks, and heavy wood structures that fit thick woods together are typical examples.

28 December, 2017

Single story functional home with three bedrooms

A single-story house is the latest choice of many new house buyers. This is because a one-story house is easy to build, not expensive, comfortable, and has the flexibility in design and interiors to be decorated as per your desiresThe advantages of a…

27 December, 2017

Say no to thick walls! 7 ideas to replace the conventional walls.

You can utilize the space in your home better by replacing the conventional thick walls that separate the various rooms in a unique and more decorative and designer way. These new divisions can create the division in a lightweight and fun way, allowi…

27 December, 2017

This living room in neutral colors re-defines elegance

Living room is the center of the home, and most of the times that is the only area of the house that your guests might probably see or be in. In order to make a great impression on your guests and friends, you should invest the largest part of your d…

21 December, 2017