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More rooms, articles, design and ideas

8 Ways to maintain flawless house exteriors

We do not seem to tire of saying here in homify, that the facade of your house creates the first impression of the house in the minds of the visitors, and that is why it is super important to keep it favorable.

09 November, 2017

4 Types of Outdoor floors - Their advantages and disadvantages

Choosing the perfect outdoor floor for your house is not always simple. It is a decision which goes beyond the aesthetic aspect and enters a technical field as well. This is why one needs professional assistance so that they can dominate the minor te…

20 September, 2017

Our most inspiring dressing rooms

If you've never had the pleasure of starting off your day in a perfectly organized dressing room, well, you'll want to after you read through this list. A dressing room that is perfectly tailored to your personal style, both in decor and in clothes,…

24 August, 2017

13 Wow-Worthy Entryways

There are some unique design opportunities to explore in the entryway of your home. This is the first impression that guests will have of your space, so you want it to be worthy of a wow.

24 June, 2017

Pretty patios and decks ideas for your home

A garden is one thing, but adding a gorgeous patio or terrace will instantly transform it into something super special and enjoyable, all year round. Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that a garden without a patio or terrace is simply…

03 June, 2017

Fabulous foyers that make a perfect first impression

It won't come as a surprise to you that your entrance foyer is critical in terms of making a brilliant first impression on guests, but are you really making the most of space? Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that you shouldn't be shyin…

01 June, 2017

6 smart ways to design the perfect entrance to your house

Want to make a wonderful impression on your guests from the moment they enter your house? Then focus on the aesthetics and practicality of your entrance. From stylish shelves and hooks to paintings and colours, there are endless ways to give…

14 April, 2017

6 ideas for a beautiful backyard patio or porch

Spring is here, and it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming barbeques and ballgames that will begin to fill the backyard on the weekends. If your veranda, terrace, sun deck, or porch needs an upgrade, you can get inspiration from these archite…

10 Cheap & simple home office designs that won’t break the bank

Find yourself joining the growing segment of professionals who “have a real office, but sometimes work from home from my laptop”?  Working from home has its benefits: it saves the time and money from a commute, it allows you to keep an eye on…

8 inviting ideas for the entrance of your home

The main entrance or entryway of a house doesn’t often receive enough attention while the building is planned. They are often adorned casually too, if at all. But remember that your entrance is the first thing that makes a lasting impression on your…

26 January, 2017