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Black Doors: The Glamor of the Façade

Black doors are one of the most favorite front doors colors for the homeowners. It has been so for ages. Some of the medieval buildings that we see in many parts of the world boast of black doors.

12 April, 2018

Porcelain vs. Ceramic: Which one is a Better Option for Your Home?

Usually, modern homes are decorated with porcelain or ceramic tiles in various ways. In fact, it is unthinkable for the modern homeowners to design a house without using porcelain tiles or their ceramic counterparts.

23 March, 2018

Home Staging Tips: Make Your House Ready for Quick Sell

Perhaps you are moving to a new city. May be you need a bigger home or plan to buy one which is closer to your workplace. There could be many reasons influencing your decision of selling your present home.

17 March, 2018

6 Fabulous halls and corridors that take advantage of space !

The corridors,  stairs , halls, have very interesting and often unexplored decorative possibilities. In addition to its function of connecting the rooms and spaces and creating an soft transition from outside to inside or serve as a bridge between tw…

11 February, 2018

Before and after: Dreary Balcony to Open Oasis

A balcony is precious for many of us who live in the city. It is the much needed fresh air retreat that we crave for everyday. A balcony is essential for fresh breeze in the summer, and much needed for some rays of sunlight in the winters.

29 January, 2018

Things to consider before buying a garage

Should we buy a garage? This question arises in many homes in large cities thickly populated with people . Parking problems are the order of the day, and it is one of those few things that make you feel desperate when get home after a hard day's work…

08 January, 2018

14 Small indoor courtyards that do not take much space

Do you ever wish you had a spacious courtyard in your home? The modern houses have limited space and hardly offer any opportunity to have big open spaces inside the house. However, if you can make good use of space, you can plan a small courtyard ind…

03 January, 2018

10 Home office ideas to make you love your work-place

As more and more people choose to work from home, one thing you definitely need in your home is a study or a home office. A good work space can increase your work efficiency manifold, so in order to maximize the work efficiency at home, we provide 10…

28 December, 2017

5 ways to keep your balcony and terrace warm in this biting cold

The weather is getting colder, keeping us indoors and enjoy hot drinks. However, for those who love spending time outdoors on the balcony or the terrace, the chill in the weather might seem like a torture.

06 December, 2017

10 awnings and pergolas that will make your terrace look fantastic

How about adding a wow factor to your house for the coming summers?  Welcome this summer, by giving your home an all new attire with awning for attics or pergola for attic terraces and get your home as summer ready as you.

21 November, 2017