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De Panache - Interior Architects Modern bathroom Glass
De Panache - Interior Architects Modern bathroom Glass
De Panache - Interior Architects Modern bathroom Glass

We believe in celebration of beauty in its purest form… Black and White… .two basic colors are our eternal favourites.… When punctuated with red we get this

The ceiling is done by skilled team of De Panache. The curves in the ceiling are strong form and are made out of flexiply… ..This is done for one of our HNI client…

The ceiling draws immediate visual attention..… Black and white… .the very basic colors create strong contrast… .This is a contemporary residential interior…

The dressing room design concept. The magnificent light fixture is the focal point of this space.We wanted to transcend a mere dressing room into an exciting area… compels you to spend a little bit longer than regular hours .

The wash room designed with Natural Stone. Quartzite stone is used to clad the washroom.The natural textile grains are prominent feature of this stone, , completely impervious to water absorption, Harder and stronger than granite.This stone can add character to your home… .be it washroom or bedroom… We as designer love to experiment with new surface finishes.

The Master Bedroom displays strong black and white theme in straight lined chic contemporary interior. The walls are again punctuated with exotic handcrafted natural stone cladding, adding character to the black and white theme. Interesting patterns on cushions and bed covers break the monotony of the black and white theme…

The bathroom design is clean lined and contemporary. The Black Marquina Marble acts as a perfect backdrop for the glittering Gold Mosaic. The counter and wash basin is made up of White Onyx. The lustrous Gold is a stark contrast to the Jet Black Marble.The counter is made up of White Quartz stone-a semi precious stone –it is an epitome of luxury. The Rain Shower has several features like it can create Mist effect or Cascade effect or a Real time Rain shower effect with a press of button.The client loved this bathroom.

Material: Glass
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