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Colorful, playful and with a soft shape just like the chewy sweets that inspired it’s design –
delightful, bright colored jellies of various sizes.

Ball is a charmingly amusing cuckoo wall clock, the main body is in white varnished wood where the hands and the cuckoo are set. It has twelve wooden cylinders of different diameters and colors which give the clock an unusual attractive shape.

It is available in two chrome variations, one with warm color shades which vary from red to yellow to orange and the other with colder shades which vary from blue to green to purple.

Ball blends in with all kinds of decor and style and, like all the Progetti Cuckoo clocks, it has an intelligent sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light. The sound can be activated manually to suit all requirements.

Dimensions: 65x48x10 cm

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