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Vinyl Siding/ Wood Siding by taydoyafy Eclectic OSB
Vinyl Siding/ Wood Siding by taydoyafy Eclectic OSB
Vinyl Siding/ Wood Siding by taydoyafy Eclectic OSB

Choosing the right siding for your home can be a difficult decision especially with so many companies out there that want to sell you your products. A vinyl siding company is not going to offer any disadvantages to their siding because they want your business. Contemplate the pros and cons of Vinyl Siding Near Me versus wood siding before selecting your home's exterior.

Environmental Concerns

It contains carcinogens that can be harmful to occupants in large doses. However, tests have shown that because the expose is so small and the need for additional chemicals in installation such as caulking, paint or stain is not necessary, vinyl siding Augusta passes the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines. Wood siding, on the other hand, while more natural, often requires a stain or paint to keep the elements from destroying the material.

Which Material is More Flammable?

Both wood and vinyl are flammable materials and the rate of fire spreading is approximately the same between the two. Because of the thin profile of vinyl, it may in fact, spread faster than wood in some cases. Wood does not contain any chemicals, besides the paint or stain that will cause damage to the environment but vinyl will release toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Insulating Factors

Wood may actually be more insulating intense than vinyl siding. It is a thin cover that goes over the exterior's insulation that is the real insulating factor. The thicker the insulation under wood, the better the results of maintaining lower heat bills.

Recyclable Capabilities

The new vinyl siding Augusta materials can be recycled as opposed in the past. If you are planning on replacing your old one, your contractor will probably have a difficult time getting rid of your old and outdated. If your old siding is aluminum, this material can be recycled. Wood is easily recyclable for use in paper products.

Color Choices and Maintenance

Vinyl siding offers many different colors and textures for improving your home's exterior appearance while wood can be painted or stained to enhance its look. It does not need to be repainted or have stain reapplied regularly but beware of wood rot under the surface if water should find it's way underneath. A competent installer can prevent this type of wood rot but tightly sealing your vinyl siding. It can be made to give the appearance of wood with different textures and styles but wood is always prominent in detail

The ultimate choice is yours in deciding for wood or vinyl siding. Both have their pros and cons in durability, looks and longevity. For a good exterior that requires little care, choose siding Augusta that is installed by a highly recommended vinyl siding Augusta Company.

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