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modern  by mastella, Modern
modern  by mastella, Modern
modern  by mastella, Modern

Edgar Degas, one of the most famous exponent of the French Impressionism, has chosen to depict women in the bathroom, when they were intent into the rituals characterizing the “toilet moments”: while they were soaping legs or drying hairs, set on the edge of the tube. An intimate and daily moment, that enhance the shapes of the women into a sensual atmosphere. That representation of “wellbeing” nowadays became symbolism of a real furniture for the bath-fashion-room. Creativity, research, innovation, quality and design fuse to create collections which lend themselves perfectly to the total bathroom concept and make it possible to express the lifestyle of those who live in the house. The made in Italy epitomized by latest creations Mastella – Byte 2.0 interpret this spirit, attentive to quality which anticipates fashions and grasps the suggestions of contemporary living.

This perfect mix is achieved by the use of inspiration, ideas and talents taken worldwide: bathrooms products have to incorporate the latest trends all over the world, combining design and creativity, drawing inspiration and ideas from contemporary living all across the universe. Shake this powerful mix and you get a products that might be appreciate from a customer in USA, as one in South Arabia, or Nigeria or German.

Byte 2.0 is characterized by the addition of new materials as Okite, Grafite, Mak, new finishes as the Tranchè, Soft Pine and White Ash wood and new natural tone colours.
Original and stylish open storage units have been integrated and also the existing modularity has been enforced by new sizes. It has been given particular attention to the improvement of the quality through the integration of new hanger, extremely strong, easy to adjusting and equipped with anti-unhooking system. In addition the lacquered worktops have been reinforced thanks to a supplement additive on the paint.

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