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Reinier Brönn Architects and Associates CC was established in 1998.
I had the opportunity to work on a construction site in the UK for a year after the completion of my third year in architecture at the university of the Free State.

This year had an immense twofold influence on my career. I realised that almost every line we as architects draw, has to be built by another human being. Secondly that almost everything we can imagine can be built. Afterwards I travelled Europe and the USA, and then returned to complete my studies in 1993. I gained valuable experience from Wim Phielix and Sadie Architects in Kroonstad, and later from Johan Beukes & de la Rey in Bloemfontein. My passion for both Architecture and Photography made it inevitable for me to start out on my own.

I defined the principles for both disciplines and applied my knowledge and experience primarily to residential architecture. Like many other young architects, I was influenced by the work of Frank Lloyed Wright. His timeless work is to date, still my biggest inspiration. Ever since the establishment of this firm, it has been a valued priority to give personal attention to our clients as well as to the detail of each individual project. I pursue to expose all of our staff members, who are never more than 3 or 4 people, to all of the aspects of the architecture profession. We do not only train architects, we train people to stand their ground in society and to be well balanced in all walks of life. Since minor residential additions in the beginning, we have subsequently done many new houses and later got involved in bigger commercial projects. The challenges we face are the same and the joy we get out of it, even more! We will do architecture for as long as our work intrigues the mind, delights the soul and refreshes the eye.

1 Kestell Street, Waverley, Bloemfontein
9301 Bloemfontein
South Africa


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