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Blind Rage offers innovative motorised and manual blind and curtaining solutions for both residential and commercial uses. With an experienced technical and creative team, Blind Rage strives to provide window treatments that have both functional and aesthetic appeal to suite any home or business. A comprehensive range of products and services, Blind Rage follows international trends and technology to offer our clients the best products for their application and needs. Blind Rage are leaders in Automated/Motorised Blinds. As appointed Somfy Experts we are able to assist you with integration into your Home Automation System -

8 Fourteenth Ave Northmead Benoni
1501 Gauteng
South Africa


We placed an order for blinds at the beginning of October 2020 (and paid in full), installation only took place in November 2020 where we were notified that the one blind is more than a meter to small even though they took the measurements themselves. More than two months later and there has not been any effort from them to rectify the mistake and/or provide us with the replacement blind... We phoned them numerous times and sent more than enough emails only to receive empty promises that they will follow up with the factory and let me know. Absolute worst service I have ever received. The lack of empathy and customer service is shocking. I wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy. **UPDATE ON THE ABOVE REVIEW** It is Friday the 26th of March, I sent multiple emails asking for a ETA on the replacement blind. When receiving no response on my emails I decided to give them a call, only to be told by the Owner that the replacement blind would be installed on Wednesday the 24th of March (which did not happen). I phoned on Thursday morning to be told by Sharon that the installation will only take place on the 26th of March, without notifying me on or before Wednesday that the date has changed and still with no apology given for the inconvenience. Today (Friday the 26th March) came and I was really excited to be done with this at last. They arrived and installed the correct blind... Without the valance... Notifying me that there is yet another problem. They are experiencing problems with the specific valances and therefore it will take another 2 to 3 weeks to get that specific valance installed. I phoned Duane on his cell and phoned the landline. With no answer, I am sick and tired of begging people to do the work we paid for. It’s been more than 5 months now. Clearly once the money has been secured customer service seems to become less of a priority. HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE NEED TO WAIT???!!!!
over 2 years ago
Absolutely shocking!!!! They told us 14 - 18 days turn around time! Big joke!!!!! 34 working days gone and ....NOTHING!!!!
about 4 years ago
The worst service I have ever experienced. We have been waiting for over ONE MONTH for our order. Every time you phone they keep blaming the factory for their lousy service. Will never deal with them again or recommend them to anyone
over 4 years ago