Jenny Mills Architects


Jenny Mills Architects is unique for our customized, crafted design - special attention to every detail. Every space and room is designed to suit the clients, climate, orientation and chosen materials. We are inspired by innovation and craftsmanship and we recognise love for design in others.

403 De Oude Schuur, 120 Bree Street
8000 Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa


I have had such a great experience working with Jenny and the rest of the team within the office as well as the companies Jenny collaborates with. Jenny design skills are intrinsic and the proof is in the end results. I definitely recommend JMA's services.
over 2 years ago
I am a builder and we we love working with JMA on projects. They are very professional, always meets deadlines, team players, problem solving and everybody is always friendly. Only a joy to work with this bunch.
about 1 month ago
over 4 years ago