Laara Copley-Smith Gardens


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Laara Copley-Smith is an authority as a creative director, design strategist, exterior designer and evergreen creator with over 35 years within creative industries and over 25 years as a garden designer. Industries and arenas including TV, theatre, photography, exterior design along with sculpture, painting, multiple mixed media and as a digital creator.

Facilitator, project manager, team leader and team builder with experience in the private residential, private commercial and commercial.

Laara has offered a unique personalised service seeing each client and design requirements unique within themselves.

Well versed in classical, traditional and modernist design principles, which has been lead with a focus upon creating timeless exterior spaces. Diverse projects undertaken from courtyard and city gardens to rural and country gardens, including listed properties, conservation, restoration, renovation and new build projects.

Laara has a deep connection to nature and understanding of the healing power of nature and the outdoor space. Working with earth energies, spatial design and creating sacred space to create healing and harmonious spaces.

A less know facet is Laara`s experience and training of multiple healing modalities within the complimentary holistic arena including energy & healing, reiki, sacred shamanic work, goddess initiation, bio-energetic health, detoxification & fasting. Teamed with her mind set mastery and empowerment focus, personal discipline and love of trekking. You may be wise to request mind set coaching from her @

5 Barossa Road
GU15 4JE Camberley
United Kingdom