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02ARCH is a professional firm founded in Milan, italy,in 2010.

Partners Ettore Bergamasco and Andrea Starr Stabile have gained considerable experience in the design and management of complex interventions, thanks to their continued partnerships with leading architectural firms in italy and europe.

The firm is a workspace that involves aspects such as landscape design, architecture and design, addressing each as a careful single operation. The studio design is the main activity of the study focuses of interior design that is studied on small-scale contexts through a careful study conditions of contemporary living.

02arch-architecture is based on the relationship that is created between the new building and the context within which it is placed, the architectural approach is oriented on urban and rural areas by studying the relationship that is hidden between architecture, landscape and nature.

02ARCH-research and reflections on what it is oriented to the study are the forces and instruments that shape contemporary areas. The team  is based on the research done at Politecnico di Milano with prof Consalez and Caravatti together with the development of projects from design to large scale.

Thank to the placement of two international competitions and some private tasks, the studio is ableto settle down a professional team going forward to the processing and developing of urbanprojects.

The 02ARCH studio, at the moment,  is made of seven young innovative architects around 30 years old.

Company awards
  • 1st prize_Kindergarten City Life competition
  • 2nd prize_Plan Revel competition
  • 2nd prize_AAA 2013 competition
  • 8th prize_Housing casorate competition
Via Andrea Appiani 3
20121 Milano
+39-0236728134 02arch.it


Fantastica esperienza. Idee stupende e lavori impeccabili. Hanno gestito la ristrutturazione di casa mia da cima a fondo. Progetti (5 proposte!), organizzazione impresa, gestione pratiche, direzione lavori, aiuto nella scelta di rivestimenti e arredi... Tutto insomma... Complimenti a tutti!
over 1 year ago
about 2 years ago
over 2 years ago