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We would like to introduce you our products and the key ideas behind them.
Our work is driven by our love for the materials and curiosity for their potential and limitations. With each of our pieces finished by hand, we are trying to add something very intimate within each of our trademark plywood designs. As a result, our products gain a personality of their own. The ones that we have created so far have become full-fledged members of our team and very often hint us towards new ideas. Together we have developed a style based on subtle contrasts and juxtapositions: smuggling organic themes into geometric modern shapes and balancing raw industrial touch with joyful colors. We try to stick to our crucial motto – to design and produce cool things. We really hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Company awards
  • Design Alive Awards 2014, Creator of the Year – laureate
  • Design Alive Awards 2013, Creator of the Year – nominee
  • Łódź Design Festival 2013 – Must Have 2013 award for Diago chair
  • Łódź Design Festival 2012 – Must Have 2012 award for Łoś coffee table
  • Łódź Design Festival 2011 – Must Have 2011 award for Falon seating and lampania lamp
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