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An essay conclusion would be complete if it successfully explained everything that the essay set out to do.  The conclusion is just a summary of the message conveyed through the essay. It justifies the introduction in that the thesis statement made has been justified with arguments placed in the body of the essay, and the conclusion reinforces the same in just a line or two.

  • When writing an essay outline, it is a good idea to jot down all the thoughts you want to present in your essay before completing it. These points give rise to the process of an essay conclusion that completes the essay in all aspects.  So when you write the essay, you begin with an introduction having the thesis statement, write down all the arguments that are to be within the body of the essay, and then summarize it with a logical conclusion.
  • There are several aspects you need to keep in mind if you must know how to write conclusions. You cannot introduce new ideas that did not appear elsewhere in the essay. This is very important. You have to be careful not to confuse a reader. The essay you have written contains the arguments that support the thesis statement. If you introduce a new statement in the conclusion, you are leaving an imbalance in the objective of your essay.
  • A student essay tends to be at a basic level, where the norms of a good essay are followed and observed. Imagine introducing a new topic within an essay just as an afterthought. For example, the introduction could have a thesis statement which talks about historical characters around a certain period of time. Now in the conclusion, if one were to introduce the period when the characters played their part and go on to describe the place or an event related to the character, it would leave a sense of incompleteness about the essay. This could be discussed in the body of the essay as justification for an argument.
  • Reference to an essay bank will help in constructing an essay in total. When we start an essay, we are often bereft of ideas to support the thesis statement. An essay bank would help in gathering all the support statements that are needed to complete the essay.  This is an ideal source to look for ideas on how to write an essay conclusion. The statement has to be conclusive which leaves no room for doubt or debate.
  • The essay is complete only in the conclusion of the essay. It has to have a final say in the message and ideas being conveyed through the essay. It has to connect directly with the introduction where it justifies the statements that supported or opposed a certain line of argument. Finally, it would reflect the difference between the two viewpoints mentioned in the essay. Every statement that supports or opposes the thesis statement would be connected to the essay conclusion and should make sense in its application.
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