Nosenso Design Sensations


Nosenso Design Sensations is an italian e-commerce born from the passion for

Interior Design of two guys, Gianluca and Federico, who have had a 20-years experience

gained at prestigious top Italian Brands. After these experiences we decided to create our “Brand” . The most famous design pieces and customizable handmade products, represent our constant search for “beauty”, capable of transfer emotions and more. We are in constant search of a “NON COMMON” design, our main business will be to create a portal with very particular design objects that won't be common with other portals. The continuous search for products with an exclusive and refined design has led Nosenso to approach the world of weddings as well.

In fact Nosenso was main partner in the marriage of the TV presenter (X-Style)

Martina Panagia. During Christmas holidays Nosenso has created a handamde

product with Swarovski crystals advertised by the Big Brother Vip columnist and show-girl Antonella Elia. Nosenso constantly cooperate with various Italian influencers and use social network for advertising.

Via Marco Volpe , 45
33100 Udine