Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
New project

No longer teaching English abroad, I spend my time as a writer, editor, and translator. I work on projects ranging from song lyric translation to research papers - and just about anything in between. 

Writing for homify is a project that remains enriching over time - there's always something new to learn when it comes to architecture and design. I enjoy researching design concepts, learning the history behind architectural styles, and getting input from the professionals who create this amazing work. I strive to find and convey the high-level meaning behind their creations, piecing together a well-composed story with the ability to educate, resonate, and entertain.

Brunnenstrasse 110C
13355 Berlin


Sarah proves an astonishingly deep understanding of the reviewed projects and manages to combine sharply reflected thoughts concerning the architectural concepts with almost poetical language. We feel honored to read about our work on such an elaborate level.
over 7 years ago
Project date: December 2016