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Choosing an architect in Edmonton

Architects generally have a speciality, so it is important to find an architect that will meet your needs to build your home. Whether your style choice is classic and traditional with some country style features, or something modern and minimalist in detail, there is an architecture firm that will be able to guide you in making the best choice to suit your family and lifestyle. It is imperative to do adequate research on the architecture company of your choice, as this will give you an idea regarding references, previous clients and completed projects, so visit their website or better yet, check if they are featured on homify! If you are in need of architects in Edmonton, then homify is the best place to find all the information your require about professionals as well as being a great website that showcases the past and current projects of architects. You can also save the projects you like into Ideabooks, making the design process to build your house a lot easier.

Are architects necessary?

You may ask yourself, why use an architect to build my house? Architects are a necessity when building a home or any major structure that requires planning and consultation. Architectural design is the core focus for not only building homes, but also ensuring its energy saving abilities and green friendly compliance. The best architects continue working throughout the construction process to make sure that the architectural house plans they have drawn up are being adhered to perfectly. Hiring a professional will also guarantee modern architecture and modern house designs, that will definitely make your home more functional, as well as economically and environment sustainable, while being attractive and aesthetically appealing.

What do architects do?

Architects work building, remodelling and even renovating your home, while also taking care of ensuring that the home is built to standard and includes facilities and detail to keep your home trendy, while showcasing contemporary architecture. These professionals are responsible for designing a building and ensuring that it interacts perfectly with the environment, while also being sustainable and eco-friendly, this will aid energy and water saving, which is essential in modern house design. The architect will draw up the plans and formal design that will act as directions for the construction team and professionals to work through when building the house.

Remodelling your home

Perhaps you already have a home, but it’s old, tired and in need of a major revamp? So how about hiring an architect to remodel your current home, giving a more modern edge with some contemporary architecture instead? Sometimes it may mean a lot of work needs to be done to get your home looking stylish, elegant and liveable again, but if you have some ideas to set the groundwork and you hire an architect to build onto your imagined foundation, the end result you could a fantastic dream home that is everything that you hoped for! The architect should also be able to assist with ideas that add value to the home and that will remain trendy and tasteful for years to come.

Renovating a home

In order to renovate any property that has been neglected and forgotten, you have to realise that time, effort and of course money will make the house look good as new, and hiring an architect in Edmonton, will ensure that your home architecture meets the standard and guidelines set by the authorities. However, it is vital to remember that your architect should be great at renovating, to make your home look superb. There are a variety of specialities that architects prefer, so be sure to hire someone that adds modern aspects to old homes. By hiring an architect, you can be assured that expensive mistakes will not be made, and that someone can be held accountable should errors occur.

Planning your architecture

Modern architecture now involves more than just drawing up structural plans for builders, but the house architecture also needs to meet certain environmental and ecologically friendly requirements. By hiring a professional, you can leave it in their capable hands and now that your home will look as fabulous and you could ever want. Architects draw up a CGI version of the home design to give you a rendered idea of what the home will look like once complete. This modern technology is a great way to ensure that your home design meets realistic expectations even before the plans have been signed off and the construction begins, which will save you time and money too.

The site manager

While hiring an architect is imperative to building a home, the site manager is equally as important to ensure that the home is perfect. Their job is to prepare the site, hire staff and plan the work process, the site manager also deals with the materials and how and when they will be ordered, transported and delivered. The site manager also checks that the construction team are working according to the schedule. The architect will also consult with the site manager to ensure that the design and construction are moving along swiftly, which is why hiring a proficient and referenced site manager is key to ensuring a project is completed efficiently and effectively.

Finding the right architect

Because the architecture field is broad, you may be requires to search for an architect that meets your needs specifically, and by visiting the homify professionals directory, you are sure to find and architect that can assist you in making your home a reality. And because we are a website that serves international markets, finding an architect in your city shouldn’t be that difficult. Simply search through the website for architects within your vicinity or surrounds and have a look through their online profile that showcases their past and current projects in chic style. This will allow you to determine whether that architect has the set skills and expertise to make your home look gorgeous and fascinating, alternatively continue your search and save your favourite projects as you continue. In order to make your architect search easier, narrow down your process by including the expertise and preferred location, this means that only architects based in Edmonton will appear on the search list.

Are large architectural firms better than smaller, boutique firms?

Although there are positive and negative aspects to hiring either larger or smaller, boutique firms to complete your architectural project, it is necessary to evaluate your expectations. Smaller firms may be more willing to spend some time debating the pros and cons of certain home features, and they may also have the passion to invest in your project, but you may only have one architect working on your home at a time, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. However, larger architecture firms have a lot more experience and knowledge than smaller firms and often have a team of architects working on each project.

Choosing an architect

Making the choice on the right architect for your home may be a rather lengthy process, aside from expertise, professionalism and experience, an architect also needs to be someone that you feel is easy to get along with, there definitely needs to be some connection between the home owner and architect, whether it be chemistry or similar conversation and hobbies, it is vital to get along with your architect in order to communicate effectively.

How much will an architect cost?

Architecture is a professional trade, so cheap architects may be unskilled in certain aspects of design and may not be worthwhile to even consider. Most architects work on an hourly rate or fixed amount based on the percentage of the total construction cost. But, bear in mind that the rates for house remodelling may be higher than just designing as a result of the unpredictability of the project. Hiring an architect will never be cheap, but if you factor it into your budget, the cost of an architect could in turn save you money when compared to the mistakes that can happen as a result of mismanagement and incorrect design.

How to contact an architect?

A number of architects work via word of mouth, which is great because you will be able to discuss experiences with individuals who have hired the architect previously. However, homify is also a wealth of information that makes getting into touch with your prospective architect and admiring their work easy and efficient. This means that you gain access to all their details, including links to their Facebook, website or phone number at the touch of a button.

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