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What is the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator?

The roles of an interior designer vary a lot from that of an interior decorator. Yet, these two terms are frequently used interchangeably. It is true that the activities of interior designers and decorators in Toronto overlap with each other in many ways. Both interior designers and decorators strive to make your home for more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for yourself and your family members. You need their services after building or buying a new home or giving a fresh makeover to the interior of an existing structure.

However, there are some crucial differences between the roles of an interior designer and decorator. Interior designers analyse the habits, lifestyle and culture of those about to occupy a space and provide design solutions that serve their interests. They are trained to provide technical as well as creative solutions to their clients. These solutions can improve the interiors of a building in such a way that bears a positive impact in the lives of those who are about to live in that building. Interior decorators are not trained to provide you any technical or innovative design solution to your living space.

The role of an interior decorator is mostly limited to enhancing the beauty of the interiors. So an interior decorator would be able to deck up the interiors of your home, choose a new colour scheme for your bedroom or upgrade the furnishing of your living room. An interior designer, on the other hand, will be able to perform all these tasks. Additionally, an interior designer in Toronto will help you improve the acoustics of your home, help you design a kid friendly interior or make your house more energy efficient.

How would you find the right interior designer & decorator in Toronto?

Toronto is one of the most populated cities in Canada. Close to 3 million people live in the city. More than 4000 interior designers and decorators live and work in the city. It is a daunting task to find out the right person who could help you redesign the interior of your home according to your tastes. For example, you wish to go for a tropically designed interior. The person you hire has the necessary qualifications for the job, but lacks experience about tropical design. Such kind of mismatch can have a disastrous effect on the project.

There is a simple way of avoiding such pitfalls. Visit homify and select the type of room you are thinking of renovating. You will be able to locate the room type from the “Rooms” section of the menu. Choose the images that seem to attract you most. For best results select rooms that are similar in size to the one you are willing to decorate. In the bottom of the image, you will find the name of the professional who was responsible in designing the space. This way you will be able to locate professionals who have a demonstrated experience about the type of renovation job you have in store.

Another way of locating interior designers & decorators in Toronto is to find their names under the “Professionals” menu. Similarly, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen, then you may click the link “Kitchen planners” and find out the names of the kitchen designers serving your area. Every week, we collect the best tips, tricks and images of home decor for you and share you through our ideabooks. If you keep a close watch on these ideabooks you will get to know some more qualified professionals who could help you design a stylish home.

What kind of services do interior designers provide in Toronto?

Interior designers in Toronto provide you design and décor solutions according to your needs, tastes and budget. Interior designers of the city will share design concepts with you and will make plans for improvements. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, they will select the decorative features, furnishings and other materials. They will source the raw materials and accessories for you and design the space according to your preferred style.

Depending on the complexity of the job and expertise of the concerned person, an interior designer of the city may charge between $50 CAD and $250 CAD per hour. This does not include the cost of the raw materials and accessories though. Sometimes, the designers charge about 20% of the total cost of project. So if you spend $20000 CAD to design an open plan living room in your home, you are expected to pay $4000 CAD to the designer. The estimated cost of the project is submitted along with the proposed plan for design or renovation.  

What kind of certifications and licenses interior designers & decorators in Toronto have?

Interior designers & decorators in Toronto must clear the examination conducted by The Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ). Only those having an accredited bachelors or associates degree from any of the recognised institutions of Canada can appear in the examination. They are awarded NCIDQ certification on clearing the examination. The designers then become a member of the Association of Registered Interior designers of Ontario (ARIDO) or Decorators & Designers Association of Canada.

What are the things you should know before hiring an interior designer or decorator in Toronto?

Designers accredited by CIDQ boast of highest capabilities in the field of interior design and decoration. The practicing designers of the city must register themselves with ARIDO. The title, “interior designer,” is protected by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario Act of 1984. Those not registered with ARIDO are not eligible to use the title, “interior designer”.

Being registered with ARIDO means an assurance of quality. This protects your interests as a client and that of the designer who would serve you during the project. Before hiring a professional, you must also check the projects completed by him in the past. Use testimonials of his or her previous clients to judge the standard of his work. Have all your doubts clarified before the beginning of the project.

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