Restoration of a 60 sq.m flat in Paris. – 2011

Project:A.MARCANTE-A.TESTA- UdA Architects

Collaborators: Ro HyeMin , Francesca Diano

Photographer: Carola Ripamonti

Like a fable, the project developed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa -UdA Architects sets out to act, unawarely, on the subconscious. It is thus founded on Little Red Riding Hood, the nursery tale par excellence.

“… There below the three oaks stood her house’. In the project, Granny's little house of the fable becomes the central element, distributor of the spaces, a place half suspended between separation and unification, whose strident red silk-screen patterns on wood transform it into the wolf whose perversion and brazen expression remind us that tragedy can always turn into farce, while the graffiti on the walls of the drawing-room are there to tell us so, like soft scratches on the surface of the city crossed by faint-hearted flâneurs.

The other white furnishings that set out from there are the city beyond the windows, the ville lumière, petit lieu de charme with that vaguely flirtatious air so much a part of the transalpine scene, though not without a hint of the disquiet of day-to-day life captured and expressed by the project through its spatial and material solutions, as if the little girl in her red mantle were to immediately find herself in the uncertain penumbra of a domestic refuge instead of the usual wild wood with its dangerous trajectories.

’There was such a pretty little house in which there lived a little girl… ’

Little Red Riding Hood's real meeting with the wolf takes place within the walls of her grandmother's home. The place that seemed the most reassuring turned out to be the most dangerous. The vessel from which our darkest nightmares spring, the mirror in which we peer disquietedly at our other self is, indeed, our home, the place to which we entrust the welcoming reception of our spirit.


Kitchen/laundry/bathroom (the volume that distributes the rooms) in wood with silk-screen patterns on oak veneering. Original oak parquet floors.