Baby room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the rules and tips for designing a baby room?

Frantically searching for baby room ideas while you are eagerly waiting for that proud moment? We understand your quandary. There seems to be a thousand things to do, yet very little time to complete even half of those. Before starting to design a baby room, let’s ponder over some of the basic rules.

* While designing a room, always keep in mind the age of your child. The requirements of a newborn are not exactly the same as the needs of a 10 month old baby. 

* Avoid cluttering the interior at all costs. Some first time parents stuff their kid’s room with loads of fun toys, furniture, and accessories. This may not be a good idea. Your kid needs a healthy interior environment and lots of breathing space. 

* Cluttered interiors often trap dust particles and allergens. By decluttering the interior you avoid any threat to your child’s health.

* Keep all the necessary articles close by so that you don’t need to run around the house to meet a simple need. 

* Opt for a soothing colour scheme with bright accents. The interior mustn’t look dull, but at the same time it must have a relaxing tone. 

* Choose cotton bed linens and cushion covers. They are soothing and comfortable to a child’s skin. 

* Use organic and natural cleaning materials to clean the space. 

* Invest on washable wall paints and wallpaper.

Settle on a theme. Check out our nursery décor ideas for inspirations. Some of the popular baby room décor themes include the following:

Scandinavian – This is by far the most preferred type of baby room décor. It goes exceptionally well with the general theme of a contemporary home. Minimalist design ideals make sure you keep the space airy and wholesome.

Classical – Classical nursery décor is dominated by dark tones. The room is decorated with high quality wooden nouveau or deco furniture. Ornately embroidered upholstery, drapery and bed linen is used to maintain the beauty of the interior.

Modern cartoon themed nursery décor – This is another great way to decorate the interior of a kid’s room. You can introduce characters from old fairy tales, fables and folktales. You may also choose some of the popular Disney cartoon characters. You will easily find cartoon themed wallpapers, curtains, cushions and bed linens online or in store.

What furniture and accessories do I need for my baby room?

Choose furniture and accessories depending on your child’s age. A room of up to 6 months’ old children must have:

-- A bassinet or crib 

-- Changing table 

-- Wardrobe

A room for children older than 6 months must have:

* A crib or cot 

* Baby high chair and rocking chair 

* Table 

* Dresser 

* Cabinets 

* Pouffes and / or sofa

You will be able to buy standard cribs in less than CAD 350. 4-in-1 convertible cribs cost more than CAD 500. Some items like kid’s mattress, cosy rugs, pillows and blankets are common in either case. You will also need mattress protectors and trash cans in the room. In some cases you may buy standard sized furniture like a chest of drawers and cabinets. Otherwise you will have to frequently change these items as your child grows up. Also, for health and safety reasons, invest in high quality kid friendly products.

What type of bed or cradle is better for my baby?

This is a question nearly every new parent has. Let’s see the pros and cons of some of the popular choices. Cradles are good for children not older than 3 months. Cast over pivot cradles are one of the most cost effective options. For greater longevity, you may buy a convertible cradle which transforms itself into a bed. For a more glamorous feel, you may invest in a spherical cradle.

Baby cribs come in a range of designs. They are durable, safe and can be used by children for a longer period of time than standard cradles. Consider buying cribs with built-in storage space. This will help you keep the room clutter free. Convertible cribs, which can be used as a daybed and toddler bed, are also available for you to buy.

If you need to travel frequently, you may like to have a lightweight portable crib for your kid. Baby moses are another option for you to explore. However, moses are for newborns and may lose their importance as they grow older. Make a thorough plan about organising the various pieces of furniture.

To design a stylish yet practical baby room, consider taking inspirations from homify’s baby boy nursery ideas and baby girl nursery ideas. Speak with an experienced interior designer and discuss the viability of your choices. Seek suggestions for achieving your design goals within a comfortable budget.

How to create a safe environment in a baby room?

Safety of the interior environment is of great importance. Choose furniture and accessories that are devoid of sharp edges. Don’t keep electrical wiring and fixtures exposed and within the reach of the young ones. To avoid injuries from accidental fall, cover the flooring with a thick rug or wall to wall carpet. Opt for skid proof flooring materials in the bathroom. Avoid placing TVs, stereo systems or other electronic items in the room. They may create sleep disturbances from an early age.

What type of lighting is perfect for a baby room?

Use a combination of ambient and focus lighting to brighten up the space. The lighting should not be glaring or capable of hurting the eyes, but warm and relaxing. You may install lighting under the bookshelves and within the wall mounted cabinets. Bedside lighting fixtures must be kid safe. Have night lights in place and don’t keep the room pitch dark at any point of time at night.