Bathroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes a bathroom perfect?

The act of bathing has been popular since the third century when private and public bathhouses sprung up throughout Greece and Rome. Since then, bathrooms are a panacea for stressful day. You don’t need a doric column or a marble tub for a bathroom design that evokes a spa.  The first thing to consider is the space available as well as the layout of your bathroom. A window makes a huge difference in the total bathroom experience, and you may want to consider alternatives such as an extractor fan if you don’t have a window. Then think about your budget and what you definitely want to include whether it be a shower, bath tub or both. Prices out the materials you’d like to feature - marble was great for the Greeks but a tad to pricey for you. Your bathroom should be completely functional and practical. Ideally, it should age with you. A fog-free mirror, flooring, ample storage, lighting and a soothing, cohesive colour palette are elements that make a bathroom go from practical to perfect.

Should I renovate my bathroom before I sell my house?

Countless surveys have found that simply revamping your bathroom can add up to 20 per cent to the value of your property. If you are planning to sell, a grotty, dated bathroom is a turnoff for most buyers. Start small with your bathroom renovation. Spruce it up with new tiles, new cabinets, a sleeker toilet or smaller details such as purchasing a new hand towels or giving it a fresh coat of paint. homify is the ideal place to begin if you are stumped for inspiration for your bathroom upgrade. From contemporary bathrooms to classic ones, you have access to wide range of ideas that are sure to inspire your inner interior designer. Which bathroom layout should I choose? Bathroom floor plans usually fall into one-, two- or three-wet-wall layouts. A one-wall layout lines up the sink, toilet, and shower along one wall. It's the most cost-effective design, but it's also the most restricting.   A two-wall layout allows for more flexibility while a three-wall layout is the most versatile but often harder to execute and expensive. Working with a certified plumber is a must during a bathroom reno.  A bathroom designer or architect can also help you avoid costly mistakes and help you plan the best use of space.  

What’s the best flooring for a bathroom? 

Bathroom floors need to be durable, waterproof and most importantly slip-resistance. Tile is the top choice because it’s easy to maintain, attractive and available in a range of options from natural stone to porcelain or ceramic. But it can get awfully cold. Radiant heating uses a hydronic or electric system to warm the floor from beneath but it can hike up the price of your renovation. Flooring options that are gentler on the feet include vinyl, cork, bamboo, wood or laminate.   

What accessories and furniture does a bathroom need? 

When considering accessories for your bathroom, it is vital to pick options that are functional and stylish. Begin your hunt with the big essential items such as the sink, commode, shower and bathtub. Remember to merge form with function and carry the style statement you want to make, whether it's contemporary, classic, vintage, eclectic or industrial. The next choice is bathroom cabinets from double-sink vanities to custom storage and wall-mounted cabinets. Integral bathroom sinks or undermount sinks are slightly more pricey but easier to maintain and keep grime free compared to self-rimming bathroom sinks. Bathtubs are the natural focal point in a bathroom so choose wisely. Luxury shower stalls are becoming an increasingly popular in Canada with options that recreate a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The final decisions are the most fun to make as they’ll embellish the space with your flair. Look for towels and mats that match your bathroom style and mirrors that make a statement.   

Should I create a bathroom lighting plan? 

Proper lighting makes a big impact even in a small bathroom. For functional and visually pleasing lighting, begin with the mirror. Ideally you should have wall-mount lights on either side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above to cast away that awful vanity shadow. homify experts recommend 75 to 100 watts of light per fixture for a master bathroom, and 40 watts per fixture in a powder room. For general bathroom lighting, use ceiling-mounted fixtures or add style and mood with chandeliers or pendant lights. 

What colour works best for a bathroom? 

Consider the mood you want to evoke before selecting your palette of materials. Do you want your bathroom to energize you as you drag yourself to work every morning or soothe you at the end of the day? As you develop your bathroom colour scheme, keep in mind that hues you choose aren’t just the fabric or paint. The cabinetry, flooring, even the sink and tub influence the overall personality of the space. Neutral tones are always a winner but don’t hesitate to be daring and splash the space with a bright hue. 

Kickstart your bathroom renovation on homify 

If you are contemplating a facelift, but don’t know where to begin, turn to interior design and home decor magazines for bathroom inspiration. These are often filled with designs, ideas and styles to suit every personality, from chic or classic to the truly modern and minimalist. While browsing through magazines maybe a fun-filled activity, the easiest way to begin your bathroom redesign is online. This means you can search for inspiration from the comfort of your home. Forget the old-school way of keeping all your design and décor thoughts together by cutting them out of an expensive magazine. On homify, you can simply save the designs and bathroom styles you fancy into an online scrapbook. You will also find contractors, interior designers, architects and carpenters at your fingertips.