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Country Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

  1. Rockyview Acerage:  Bathroom by Drafting Your Design
  2.  Bathroom by Ing. Massimiliano Lusetti
  3. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  4.  Bathroom by Ing. Massimiliano Lusetti
  5.  Bathroom by 層層室內裝修設計有限公司
  6.  Bathroom by MOB ARCHITECTS
  7.  Bathroom by Lux4home™ Indonesia
  8. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  9.  Bathroom by Viviana Pitrolo architetto
  10.  Bathroom by ofisvesaire
  11.  Bathroom by Banovo GmbH
  12.  Bathroom by Viviana Pitrolo architetto
  13.  Bathroom by Bongers Architecten
  14.  Bathroom by 舍子美學設計有限公司
  15.  Bathroom by Estúdio AMATAM
  16.  Bathroom by Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik
  18.  Bathroom by SegmentoPonto4
  19.  Bathroom by 北歐制作室內設計
  20.  Bathroom by Smile Bath S.A.
  21.  Bathroom by AIRE INTERIOR
  22.  Bathroom by marcellorissoarchitetto
  23.  Bathroom by design iD
  24.  Bathroom by 舍子美學設計有限公司
  25.  Bathroom by Principia Design
  26.  Bathroom by 理絲室內設計有限公司 Ris Interior Design Co., Ltd.
  27.  Bathroom by Tefenni Villas
  28.  Bathroom by Студия архитектуры и дизайна Дарьи Ельниковой
  29.  Bathroom by Белый Эскиз
  30.  Bathroom by Белый Эскиз
  31.  Bathroom by Белый Эскиз
  32.  Bathroom by JFD - Juri Favilli Design
  33.  Bathroom by Студия интерьера Дениса Серова

How to design a country-style bathroom

Wish to design a bathroom with unique style? Why not consider designing a country bathroom? It is graceful and relaxing. The simplicity of design is its biggest advantage. Besides, you don’t need expensive products and materials to decorate a country bathroom. In fact, you must try decorating a space with materials that are available in the local market which automatically reduces the cost of designing a country style interior. You don’t need exotic decorative features to decorate a country home.

Don’t hide the unusual architectural features like uneven beams, exposed brick walls or rustic window frames which you may be having in this space. No need to gloss over these features. You can tactfully highlight them to give the space a rustic and slightly unrefined feel. Use eco-friendly and natural materials like stone, timber, cork and bamboo to design the walls, flooring and ceiling. Don’t go for sophisticated vanity units and glossy bath fittings for this space. Choose furniture with a slightly rough edge and made of timber or bamboo. Bath fittings having copper or bronze finish looks better in a country setting.

Don’t forget to install a shelving system made of wood and optimise the storage space. You may recycle some of your old and unused furniture to build the shelves and vanity unit. Instead of a glamorous towel rack, choose a ladder as a towel holder. Install windows to let the space receive generous amount of sunshine. Don’t ignore the quality of the vent system. It is crucial to keep the bathroom interior dry and hygienic.

Which materials should I choose for a country bathroom in Canada?

Consider designing the flooring with the help of river bed pebbles, granite, travertine, sandstone or limestone. Use only honed stones instead of polished stones. This will make the flooring skid proof and will help you maintain the country like feel. Stone flooring is easy to maintain and extremely durable. You may also choose natural wood flooring. Use high quality cedar, oak, Douglas fir, birch or beech planks to design the flooring. For their unrefined look it is better to install roughly hewn planks in this space.

Choose a quality sealant to prevent the moisture related damages to your timber flooring. Hire professional wood flooring installers to design the flooring. Gaps between the wooden planks may cause the water to seep through and damage the subfloor. An expert installer can install wooden planks or tiles without leaving any gap between them. Compared to wood and natural stone, ceramic tiles are affordable and available in varied colours. They are water resistant and easy to maintain which make them an ideal bathroom flooring material. You may use stone, timber or ceramic tiles to cover the walls or only a part of it.

Planning to retain the old and exposed brick wall or build one in this space? Then don’t forget to seal it with a silicone based sealant and give it a protective coat of translucent paint. This will prevent the walls from getting damaged by constant exposure to moisture and curb the growth of mould and mildews. Windows are crucial features of every bathroom. Besides, encouraging natural light to inundate the space, they help in the ventilation process as well. For your country bathroom, install wood framed windows. You may install casement windows with frosted glass panels. However, don’t opt for such items like UPVC windows or aluminium windows. They simply look out of place in a country style home.

Which colour scheme looks best in a country-style bathroom?

Select a colour scheme that feels refreshing and elegant. Colour palettes dominated by pale brown, buff, chestnut, beige, yellow and pale tangerine look great in a country bathroom. You may use a bold tone like bright red or orange to accentuate the décor. But do so sparingly and try to maintain the overall earthy tone of the interiors. If you have installed timber flooring and furniture in this space, they will cheer up the interior with their natural beauty and varied texture. Make minimal use of shiny metal hardware and glossy laminate furniture.

Which furniture and decorative items should I buy for my country bathroom?

The most important article of furniture in this space is the vanity unit. You have a variety of choices for this. Vanity units made of solid wood is the most natural choice. But you may experiment with the style of design. Floating cabinets suit the interior of a small bathroom. They will help you design a clutter free interior without sacrificing on the storage space. You may also install wall mounted shelves instead of conventional vanity units. Wooden units with built in metal sink or vanity units with slightly antique feel also look elegant in this setting.

Buy a small stool for the shower area. You may recycle one of your old stools or benches for this purpose. Choose a mirror with rough metal, wood or bamboo frames. You may install mirrors with hidden cabinets, but don’t go for frameless mirrors which are perfect for the contemporary homes but not a country style one. To decorate the windows choose curtains made of cotton, voile or linen. You may consider buying mat blinds made of organic grass, bamboo, wood or cork.

Don’t forget to place a few potted plants on top of your vanity unit, shelving system and also close by the windows. Plants like Pothos, Bromeliads, fern and orchid thrive in high moisture zones. You may also place fresh flowers in front of your bathroom mirror. For more décor ideas, don’t feel hesitant to seek the opinion of the expert bathroom designers right here on homify. Choose durable materials, furniture and decorative items and avoid the hassles of repeated renovations. Designing a country bathroom would cost you between $800 CAD and $1500 CAD per square foot.