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Mediterranean Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

How can I design a Mediterranean bathroom in my home?

Designing a Mediterranean bathroom in a Canadian house is not exactly a tough task. You may remodel your existing bathroom to give it a cool Mediterranean feel or build one from scratch. An experienced interior architect can help you redesign the interior of your existing bathroom. While building from scratch, choose a well-ventilated square shaped room for this purpose. The bathrooms in the Mediterranean homes tend to be spacious and relaxing.

They also showcase a rustic charm which you should try to replicate in the interior of your bathroom. However, you will need to skilfully merge this rustic flavour with modern comfort. Contemporary bathroom interiors tend to have an array of utility driven fixtures including water heater, heated towel rails and electronically operated showers. They may not feel so natural in a Mediterranean style bathroom. But smart solutions like choosing fixtures with a rustic look can help you to effortlessly integrate the two styles. Let your bathroom planner help you choose the right bathroom fixtures and fittings for you.

Design this space with organic materials like stone, terracotta, wood and bricks. Insist on designing a durable structure within your budget. Don’t try to overwhelm a Mediterranean style space with the glamour and glitter of modern bathroom materials and accessories. Materials like fibreglass, uPVC etc are not for the interior of a Mediterranean bathroom.

You may choose Mediterranean indoor plants to decorate the room and give it a very calm feel. Plants like begonia, indoor citrus, Aspidistra elatior, Euphoria, Pothos, orchids and ferns thrive well in a space like this. Place them in cast iron or terracotta planters and position them close to the windows or on top of the vanity unit. Your bathroom interior will naturally retain its refreshing ambience for hours.

What materials should I choose for my Mediterranean bathroom in Canada?

Locally available and mostly eco-friendly materials are mostly suited in a traditional Mediterranean bathroom. You may build the basic construction using conventional bricks or sun baked mud bricks. Cover the bricks with a layer of stucco plaster. You may use stucco to create decorative motifs on the feature wall of your bathroom. The rough texture of the stucco walls is one of the major features of a Mediterranean home.

Consider designing arched window openings for this space. Mediterranean architecture has a preference for carved lines. Install casement or French windows to invite natural light in the interiors. This will maintain the hygiene of the space and will not cause any moisture related problem. Wooden windows and doors are almost an automatic choice for this space. Install hardwood windows with glass panels for their elegant effect. Opt for furniture made of maple, acacia, birch, oak or elm. Elm is particularly suited in the bathrooms as its timber tends to grow stronger with the exposure to water.

To design the flooring you have three choices open in front of you – terracotta or porcelain tiles, stone and brick. Terracotta tiles come in a variety of designs. You may use terracotta tiles to decorate the flooring as well as the walls. However, terracotta can be brittle. Low quality tiles also absorb water. Porcelain tiles mimicking the look of terracotta are more of a contemporary choice. Porcelain tiles are extremely durable and practically impervious to moisture. So they are given precedence over the terracotta tiles. Like terracotta, porcelain tiles can be used to decorate the walls as well as the flooring. Exposed brick flooring is frequently seen in the Mediterranean bathrooms.

Stone is another essential material for this space. You may choose sandstone for its warm effect or go for marble. Travertine stones are sometimes chosen to design the flooring as well. Though the charm of mosaic is on the wane for several decades now, it is not completely dead. You may consider designing trendy mosaic flooring in your bathroom. After all mosaic art grew in prominence in the Mediterranean region only.

The beauty and durability of natural stone make it a preferred choice for many. Stone does not succumb to any moisture related problems either. Stone flooring helps to bring down the interior temperature during the sizzling hot summer months. You may choose mesh curtains or wooden blinds to cover the windows. Expect to spend about $1500 CAD per square metre of more for designing a Mediterranean style bathroom in your residence.

Which colour schemes are preferred in the Mediterranean style bathrooms?

A colour scheme that exudes a warm feeling is preferred for a Mediterranean bathroom. You may choose such shades as yellow ochre, lime green, tangerine, brown, beige, rosewood or burnt Sienna as the primary tone for this space. Don’t forget to accentuate it with such complementary shades like magenta, dark pink, crimson or coquelicot. You may also balance the brighter tones with a creamy white tone. A combination of sparkling white and turquoise or azure blue also looks great in a Mediterranean bathroom.   

What furniture should I buy for my Mediterranean bathroom?

Buy simple and traditional pieces of furniture for this space. You may recycle one of your old articles of furniture to build a bench in the shower area. Alternatively, you may install a simple stool in this space. The vanity unit is a major feature of every bathroom. You may choose one which has curved lines and florid motifs. But don’t go for an ostentatious design. Buy stone or ceramic washbasins along with the vanity unit. Install floating shelves to increase the storage area of your bathroom. If space constraint is not a big issue, then you may also place a free standing armoire in one of the empty corners of the room.