Modern Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

How to design a modern bathroom?

The interior of the modern residential dwellings is influenced by the design movements of the early and mid 20th century. Accordingly, the interior of the bathrooms also saw progressive changes. The dimensions of the modern residential bathrooms in Canada vary a lot. While spa style modern bathrooms require around 200 square feet space, powder rooms can be design in less than 80 square feet area. However, irrespective of their sizes, all modern bathrooms showcase a simple design. Bathroom planners give precedence to the functional aspect of the design and try to reduce the use of ornamental features as far as possible.

While planning to design a modern bathroom, try to make the best use of the available space. Arrange for sufficient storage space. Keep the interior organised and uncluttered. An uncluttered space looks naturally stylish and relaxing. Choose a soothing colour scheme. You may opt for subtle geometric motifs. Depending on the availability of space, choose fixtures and accessories for your modern bathroom. In other words, don’t try to install a sauna in a bathroom which does not have adequate space for that. Choose quality fixtures that last long.    

What are some of the best flooring materials for a modern bathroom?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are by far the most popular flooring materials for the modern bathrooms. Their durability and water resistant nature make them an ideal choice for the Canadian homeowners. They are extremely easy to clean and are available in a variety of trendy colours and designs. Porcelain tiles are even sturdier than the ceramic tiles. Tiles cost between $6 CAD and $20 CAD per square feet. While buying tiles, ensure that you are choosing tiles specifically designed for the flooring. Installing glazed wall tiles on the floor would result in a slippery surface which would be unsuitable for regular use.

Stone is a luxurious flooring material. Based on your preferences, you may choose from sandstone, limestone, granite or marble flooring. Their natural beauty helps you design a very elegant bathroom. Instead of polished stone flooring, opt for honed stone tiles. It will help you design skid proof flooring. Stone is an extremely durable material and quite easy to maintain. The cost of stones varies a lot. Be prepared to pay between $120 CAD and $250 CAD per square foot for stylish stone flooring. Engineered stone flooring costs less than $20 CAD per square foot. To install stone flooring in your modern bathroom, hire a floor installation expert. This way, you will ensure professionally designed flooring with quality finishes.   

Vinyl flooring is another option you may go for. Vinyl sheets or tiles are available in an extensive range of shades and designs. However, instead of vinyl tiles, opt for vinyl sheets for your bathroom. When not sealed properly, vinyl tiles can cause water leakage which is going to damage the subfloor. Vinyl sheets are available in less $6 CAD. You may even buy vinyl sheets that look like stone or wood.

Cork flooring is capable of giving your bathroom a very stylish makeover. It is soft, comfortable to the feet and water repellent. Besides, cork is a sustainable material. You may install cork flooring in less than $10 CAD per square foot. Linoleum is making a comeback in the modern homes. Like vinyl, linoleum is available in sheets. It is moisture proof and capable of producing an charming effect on your bathroom interior. The cost of linoleum flooring is similar to the cork flooring.  

What accessories and furniture should I choose for my modern bathroom?

You do not need too many accessories to decorate a modern bathroom. One of the major accessories for this space is the mirror. Stylishly designed modern bathroom mirrors may act like an elegant decorative feature. Frameless mirrors are most preferred choice for this space. You may even opt for mirrors with simple frames. Mirrors with built in cabinets will help you optimise the storage space. Backlit mirrors with LED lighting fixtures are a great choice for the bathroom interiors of the modern homes.

The other essential accessories for this space are a matching soap dish and dispenser, towel rail, rack, hanger, hooks and a bin with a closed lid or pedal bin. For greater comfort in the winter months, you may install self-warming towel rods or racks. Hangers and hooks are available in an extensive range of designs. Choose designs that suit the interior of your bathroom. Install them on an empty wall or behind the door. They increase the storage area of a bathroom.

This space hardly needs too many articles of furniture. One of the most essential pieces of furniture for this space is your vanity unit. To keep the floor area free of clutter, you may install a floating vanity unit. Cabinet style units with modern look are more suitable for a spacious bathroom. Consider placing a small stool in the shower area. Aged members of your family will find this to be a comfortable option. The cost of bathroom design depends on the available space, the choice of materials and accessories. It is possible to design a relaxing bathroom space by paying between $120 CAD and $200 CAD per square foot.

How to choose modern bathroom lighting?

Select a combination of different lighting fixtures to illuminate this space. Some of the best options for you include recessed lighting, bathroom bars and flushmounts. LED bathroom bars are capable of keeping the entire space sufficiently illuminated. Their simplicity of design makes them a perfect choice for the modern homes. Besides, they are very energy efficient. You may choose from horizontal or vertical bars. These bars are often installed on either side of the mirror or on top of it.

Recessed focus lighting with adjustable trim is another popular option. It is cost effective and its unfussy design suits the interior of a contemporary bathroom. Flushmounts have more ornate design than bath bars or recessed lighting. They are capable of brightening up your bathroom by their sheer presence. You may install flushmounts with trendy metal frames on your bathroom ceiling. Under cabinet LED lighting fixture is another preferred option for the modern homeowners. Their presence help you design an effortlessly glamorous bathroom interior.