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Tropical Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

How to design a tropical bathroom?

Tropical bathrooms tend to be spacious, light filled and airy. In the traditional buildings of the tropics, bathrooms are built away from the main residential section of the house. But in more modern structures this practice is shunned due to an unavailability of space. Bathrooms are often designed with a relaxation area. This could be in the form of a small private garden, terrace of balcony. While large windows or wooden shutters are installed to keep the interiors bright and cheerful, care is taken not to allow direct sunlight inside the room. Exposure to direct sunlight increases the temperature of the interior atmosphere and makes it uncomfortable for the users.

The roof is often extended outside the periphery of the building to ensure cool shade inside and around the building. The extended part of the roof shields the bathroom from harsh sunlight and splashes of rain. It creates a shelter over the terrace or balcony as well. Only sustainable materials like wood, stone, brick and bamboo are used to build the complete structure. When built slightly away from the main building, the bathroom is connected with the main house through a private garden path.

The residents of those areas which experience heavy rainfall and flooding build the entire structure on bamboo platforms or stilts. While there is no need for you to do so while building a tropical bathroom in your home in Canada, you may consider it just to introduce an authentic tropical flavour and have fun in the process. Contemporary bathroom design is dominated with a host of features like digital shower system, Jacuzzi, self-warming towel racks etc. You may introduce these options in your tropical bathroom too. Just do it in a way that remains in tune with the overall décor of the room.

Buy items that have an elegant feel. Handmade items are highly favoured in the tropical homes. You may buy handcrafted vanity unit, bathtub and bench for your tropical bathroom. If you are struggling to build a suitably tropical bathroom for your home, don’t hesitate to discuss your options with an experienced bathroom designer. You may discuss your needs with a local designer or contact an expert through homify’s online portal.

What materials should I choose for my tropical bathroom in Canada?

You may choose a range of materials for your tropical style bathroom. Stone is a fine choice for tropically designed interiors as it helps keeping it cool and comfortable even at the height of summer. You may choose from granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and travertine tiles. Each has its unique colour and texture and helps you design a very stylish bathroom. Being impervious to moisture and all the moisture related issues like mould and mildew, stone proves to be an ideal option for this space. Stone, especially granite and marble, is extremely durable which makes it an irresistible choice.

You may use stone to build the entire structure or only the flooring. Bathtubs and vanity units made of sandstone, soapstone, granite and marble also look gorgeous in a setting like this. Bamboo is a frequently used item in tropical bathrooms. It is used to reinforce the structure and build the flooring, doors and windows. Bamboo is a highly affordable raw material. It is durable and has its own charm. Bamboo flooring is gaining in popularity by the day. It is not prone to moisture related problems. Bamboo is also used to build the rafters of thatched roofing systems of a tropical home.

Cork is more of a modern choice and not exactly a part of vernacular tropical architecture. However, owing to its water resistance and supple nature, it is perfect for using in a tropical bathroom. You may introduce cork flooring and wall cladding in your bathroom and give it a very graceful feel. Using terracotta and ceramic tiles are common in the tropical bathrooms. These materials are very affordable and easy to maintain. They don’t create any problem even after constant exposure to water. Choose textured skid-proof ceramic tiles for the flooring and lighter wall tiles to beautify the walls of your bathroom. 

Wood remains a highly favoured choice in the tropical style bathrooms. You may design wooden walls, roofing system, doors, windows and furniture in your bathroom. Build a stylish wooden deck on your terrace and enjoy spending a relaxing time on it after taking showers. Choose between walnut, mahogany, ipe, hickory, padauk and teak. All of them produce high quality timber capable of lasting for a considerable length of time. Their presence discourages attacks of termites. Oil and varnish the surface from time to time to extend the life of wood.

How can I decorate the walls of my tropical bathroom?

Consider decorating the walls of your tropical bathroom with ceramic tiles with floral motifs or tropical themes. There is no harm in choosing solid colours for the tiles either. You may choose from earthly shades, subtle green, pale yellow, beige and white. You can paint the walls in these colours as well. Choose a contrasting shade for the feature wall for a better effect. Opt for matte and satin finish for the walls. Since tropical bathrooms receive a generous amount of natural light, glossy finish does not look favourable in a tropical ambience.

Buy a prominent mirror with handcrafted wooden frame. You may buy mirrors with copper, wicker and bamboo frames too. Put it up on top of the vanity unit. You may decorate the walls with intricately designed wall arts and potted creeping plants. You will be able to order lightweight wall planters or hanging baskets in the local market or online. You may choose from plants like Epipremnum aureum, Dischidia ruscifolia, betel leaf and Philodendron. Potted bamboo, palm, rubber plants and fern can be utilised to decorate the rest of the bathroom and the adjacent patio.