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Country Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

  1. Rockyview Acerage:  Bedroom by Drafting Your Design
  2. Rockyview Acerage:  Bedroom by Drafting Your Design
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Manning Cottage :  Bedroom by Unit 7 Architecture
  5. Manning Cottage :  Bedroom by Unit 7 Architecture
  6.  Bedroom by Viviana Pitrolo architetto
  7.  Bedroom by Célia Orlandi por Ato em Arte
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9.  Bedroom by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  10.  Bedroom by Home Staging Sylt GmbH
  11.  Bedroom by AIRE INTERIOR
  12.  Bedroom by Go Interiors GmbH
  13.  Bedroom by Opera s.r.l.
  14.  Bedroom by OPUS
  15.  Bedroom by Dorian Huber Interiors
  16.  Bedroom by DESIGNER'S CIRCLE
  17.  Bedroom by homify
  18.  Bedroom by 'Студия дизайна Марины Кутеповой'
  19.  Small bedroom by houseda
  20.  Bedroom by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  21.  Bedroom by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  22.  Bedroom by Go Interiors GmbH
  23.  Bedroom by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  24.  Bedroom by 木皆空間設計
  25.  Bedroom by Spegash Interiors
  26.  Bedroom by 理絲室內設計有限公司 Ris Interior Design Co., Ltd.
  27.  Bedroom by 達譽設計
  28.  Bedroom by BVM Intsol Pvt. Ltd.
  29.  Bedroom by 存果空間設計有限公司
  30.  Bedroom by The Cotswold Company
  31.  Bedroom by 木皆空間設計
  32.  Bedroom by VH INTERIOR DESIGN
  33.  Bedroom by Forest Eyes Photography

What are the main characteristics of a country bedroom?

Country bedroom décor has evolved a lot over the past few decades. Now country bedrooms are decorated with a mix of features that provides you with all kinds of modern comforts like underfloor heating, air conditioning and improved insulation. However, the interior is still designed with a rustic flair which is very common in a country style dwelling. Undoubtedly, the charm of rustic design has not diminished with time.

While planning the interior of a country bedroom, you must be careful about integrating modern features with traditional design. A seamless integration will make your room feel elegant and comfortable. You may take suggestions from an interior designer experienced in decorating country style homes. While decorating the interior of your country bedroom, try not to hide the architectural features or even the peculiarities of a room. Exposed wooden beams, roughly hew lumber flooring, wall panels made of travertine stone etc help you design a bedroom with an authentic rustic tone.

Country homes make optimum use of natural light. Don’t forget to install large windows in your bedroom. Don’t use curtains made of lux fabric or buy expensive shutters to cover the windows. Use blinds made of organic fabric, bamboo or wood instead. You may also decorate the windows with cotton or linen curtains. An earthly colour palette with bright accents looks perfect in a setting like this.

Choose colours that help you relax and brighten up the ambience. Decorate the room as well as the balcony adjacent to your bedroom with green plants and flowers. They are indispensable items of décor for your country home. Choose a bed made of natural wood, bamboo or plywood. Keep the bed furnishings simple and the colours of the furnishing neutral. You may use salvaged wood to design the furniture of this space. Avoid giving them a very refined polish.

What are some of the best materials for a country style bedroom?

Use natural and organic materials to design the interior of a country bedroom. Wood is one of the most commonly used raw materials in the country cottages, ranches and manor houses. You may use oak, poplar, cedar, pine or Douglas fir to design the flooring, wall and ceiling panels of your bedroom. Oak, walnut, cedar, hickory and cherrywood may also be used to design bespoke furniture for this space. Use rough sawn wooden planks to build the flooring. You may use recycled barn or boat wood for this purpose.

Stone flooring and panels also look charming in a country setting. You may use sandstone, slate or travertine tiles to decorate the interior. Cork flooring, a more recent phenomenon, would also suit the interior of your bedroom. Cork can provide you with a comfortable cushion like feel to your feet. They are great for providing quality insulation and acts as a potent sound barrier. You may decorate the walls with cork as well. Besides, riverbed pebble, terracotta or ceramic tiles can be used to decorate the feature wall of the room.

Avoid opting for wall to wall carpeting. Choose mats woven from reed grass or bamboo or organic rugs to highlight specific parts of the room. Don’t use too many items of furniture and décor in this space. Buy wooden furniture or have it custom designed by an experienced carpenter. Some of the other options include buying rattan or bamboo furniture for this space.

How to decorate a country bedroom on a budget

The interior of a country style home does not need expensive items of décor and furniture. It is possible for you to design a bedroom with a genuine rustic charm within a budget of $25,000 CAD. You may also employ some of your DIY skills to design simple tables and nightstands for your dream bedroom. You may use fabric wallpaper or nonwoven wallpaper to decorate the feature wall. Moire wall coverings with a wood grain effect would also look elegant in this space.

For curtains and upholstery, buy Toile fabric. It will induce a bucolic charm in the interior atmosphere. You may also choose fabric with simple floral motifs to decorate this space. Buy lighting fixtures that have an earthly tone and unrefined style. Rustic pendant lighting, wall sconces and table lamps can be used to illuminate the interior. Lighting fixtures made of wrought iron, wood, bamboo or a combination of these materials are generally favoured for this space.

Use handmade decorative items, wall hangings and wooden vases to stylise the interior. Collect dried twigs, leaves and flowers from your garden and design a collage with them. Frame them with pieces of wood or bamboo and set them up on the wall. You may utilise colourful pebbles, hand woven baskets and small branches of trees with an unusual look to decorate the top of the tv cabinet, bedside tables and coffee table. Make a cosy seating arrangement close to the windows. Place simple foldaway chairs or wicker chairs with cosy cushions. A recycled old trunk, wooden box or a block of a wooden log can be used as a coffee table.

What colour schemes should I choose for my country bedroom in Canada?

Select colours that feel soothing and comfortable to you. Shades of brown, beige, white and yellow are almost a natural choice for this space. They help you design a warm and welcoming room. You may add bright accents in the form of cushion covers or small decorative objects. Fresh flowers and foliage will also help you add a dash of colour in this space. Avoid choosing textile that has a shiny satin like feel. A slightly rough texture looks more suited to a country style interior.