Mediterranean Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

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  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  11. mediterranean Bedroom by Nice home barcelona
  12. mediterranean Bedroom by Studio D73
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  23. mediterranean Bedroom by Bloomint design
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Which layout and design should I choose for my Mediterranean bedroom?

Mediterranean bedrooms boast of square or slightly rectangular shape. They are generally spacious and are built on either the ground or first floor level. Mediterranean bedrooms tend to have a direct access to the garden or solarium. These bedrooms don’t have balconies on the outer side of the building. Rather one uninterrupted balcony is designed towards the interior courtyard. However, there are exceptions to this. Spanish Mediterranean bedrooms are designed with direct access to the interior solarium as well as the spacious patios. While designing from a scratch try to incorporate these features of a Mediterranean style bedroom in your house plan. It would be better to check your options with an experienced architect beforehand.

However, while redesigning an existing structure you may not have the liberty of making complete changes in the layout of the house. In such cases, try to make the best possible usage of the existing plan. For example, many city dwellings in Canada may not have enough space to build a solarium with a direct access from the bedroom. Having internal wrap around balconies may not be feasible either. If that happens to be the case, don’t get disheartened. You may still build a very stylish and comfortable Mediterranean bedroom in the existing space. Consider seeking opinions of an interior architect about your options of remodelling and expansion.

It is difficult to imagine a gloomy Mediterranean bedroom. Install glass windows or wooden shutters and let natural light flow into the room. This would help you design a more cheerful and hygienic space. Install French windows towards the terrace or garden. To further accentuate the feeling of comfort and beauty, decorate the space with green plants. Plants like lavender, Bupleurum fruticosum, lime, orange blossoms, Cistus and Euphorbia grow well in Canadian climate. Most of these plants will not only beautify the space, but will also infuse the atmosphere with their refreshing fragrance.

What materials do I need to build a Mediterranean style bedroom?

Items like terracotta tiles, stones, sundried bricks and natural wood are some of the most frequently utilised materials in a Mediterranean home. You may use terracotta tiles, sundried bricks and stones to decorate the walls and flooring. To provide greater durability to the structure, you may design the flooring using porcelain tiles with a terracotta effect. Stones are an extremely durable material which helps keeping the internal atmosphere cool during the summer months. You may use sandstone, limestone or marble tiles to build the flooring.

Natural wood is highly favoured for designing the flooring and cladding the walls, especially for the Canadian homes imbued with the flavours of Mediterranean villas from Tuscany. For more authentic Mediterranean feel, install parquet flooring. Wood is a durable material and capable of decorating any bedroom in style through its mere presence. Hire expert wood flooring installers to design chic parquet flooring for your bedroom. Install wooden windows and doors in this space. You may also install wood framed glass windows or shutters. But shy away from such contemporary choices as vinyl and uPVC doors and window frames.

You may use oak, mahogany, teak or walnut to build panels and decorate the feature wall. Using stucco to create special motifs would be another way of decorating the walls of your bedroom. You may simply deck up the feature wall of cover all four walls with stucco work. If you have exposed beams in this room, don’t try to hide them behind false ceilings. Instead paint them in a complementary colour or retain the natural wood tone and let them add some character to your room.

Which furniture is best for a Mediterranean bedroom in Canada?

Decorate your Mediterranean bedroom with a comfortable wooden bed. Traditional canopy bed or four poster bed looks great in a bedroom like this. You may even buy a vintage bed and remodel it to suit your need. Wooden beds for Mediterranean bedrooms come with elaborate headsets. You may also consider buying a traditional bed made of wrought iron and wood. Buy a matching armoire with your bed. Tuscan style beds and armoire sets look stylish in this space. Spanish hacienda style furniture adds a rustic flavour to your interior décor.

Choose a couple of nightstands and place them on the either side of the bed. To match the tone of the rest of the furniture, choose nightstands made of the same wood type. Furniture made of walnut, ebony, maple, mahogany or teak look great in a Mediterranean home. But if you have bought a wrought iron bed, then you have the option of choosing wooden nightstands with wrought iron bases or exclusively wooden nightstands.

Don’t forget to buy an elegant vanity unit with a beautifully framed mirror for this space. You may also decorate the walls with mirrors with ornate frames. If you have a separate dressing room, then it would be better not to clutter the space with such articles as armoire and vanity unit.

Which colour scheme is best for my Mediterranean bedroom?

Always choose a subtle but warm colour scheme for your Mediterranean bedroom. Tones like pale yellow, burnt Sienna and creamy white look great in a setting like this. You may use earthly hues like pale brown, beige etc as base colours and accentuate them with shades of mild red and orange. A combination of spectacular white and turquoise blue also looks stunning in a Mediterranean room, especially if you are decorating it after the Greek Mediterranean houses of Mykonos.