Scandinavian Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

How to design a Scandinavian bedroom?

The minimalist nature of the Scandinavian bedroom is considered one of its most stylish aspects. Minimalism suits the interiors of the small dwellings as well as the larger ones. It makes the room look more spacious and comfortable. So it is not difficult to understand why modern Canadian homeowners have a special preference for Scandinavian design. While designing a Scandinavian bedroom, maximise the availability of natural light. Sunlight is essential for a healthy and hygienic interior environment. Don’t block the windows with articles of décor or furniture. Install chic Scandinavian lighting fixtures to keep the interior bright after sunset.

Avoid decorating the space with a florid style of décor, ornately gilded furniture and too many decorative objects. Opt for lightweight furniture inspired by Scandinavian design. You may choose one or two of the famous pieces of furniture designed by the likes of Alvar Aalto, Verner Panton or Borge Mogensen for this space. Give priority to functional design – a style which feels comfortable and also looks graceful. Use natural materials to design the space.

It is very difficult to imagine a Scandinavian bedroom without wood flooring. Some of the popular options hardwood for this purpose are ash, cherry, maple, birch and cedar. You may give a snowy effect to the interiors by opting for wood flooring varnished in white. Don’t hide the wood flooring behind a wall to wall carpet. It would be so unlike Scandinavian interior design. Besides, it may ruin the beauty of your hardwood flooring. However, you may spread stylish area rugs in specific areas of the room.

Don’t forget to introduce green plants and flowers to enhance the charm of the interiors. Indoor plants like peace lily, philodendron, rubber, English ivy and areca palm thrive well in the interiors of the Canadian homes. Carefully choose matching planters for your indoor plants. Place them in the corners of the room, close to the windows or on top of the coffee table or tv cabinet. Spread plush throws on your storage ottoman or upholstered chairs. The sheer presence of these items is sufficient to increase the warmth of the interiors. For more ideas suitable for your room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reputed interior stylist. You may get in touch with one of the interior stylists on homify and discuss about the requirements of your project.

What are some of the best colour schemes for my Scandinavian bedroom?

Opt for neutral tones for your Scandinavian style bedroom. It will help you design a calm and relaxing space. Go for solid colours or choose extremely subtle motifs for the upholstery, bed furnishings and wallpaper. Shades of white, light grey, lavender and cool blue often dominate the interiors of the Scandinavian homes. Pastel shades like these also make your room feel more spacious and peaceful. You may use bright tones like canary yellow, orange or black as accent shades, but do so sparingly. Vary the textures between the walls, flooring and textiles. The texture and colour of natural wood also helps you to design a modish room.

What furniture should I buy for my Scandinavian bedroom?

Choose a comfortable platform bed for your bedroom.  If you wish to maximise the storage space, you may choose a storage bed for this space. Platform beds made of cedar, mahogany, oak or walnut would cost you at least $1750 CAD. But you may buy a bed made of engineered wood in less than $500 CAD. Install a couple of matching nightstands on either side of the bed. You may install floating bedside tables on the wall or attach them to the headboard. This would help to keep a small room clutter free.

A Scandinavian style chest of drawer would be a very useful item in this space. You may buy a double dresser with a metallic accent. A high quality double dresser would cost you at least $850 CAD. Do you have a habit of watching your favourite program on tv before going to sleep? Then a tv cabinet would be an almost indispensible item for you. You may choose between a freestanding cabinet or wall mounted floating cabinet.

Do not forget to decorate the window side, especially if it offers you a panoramic view of the surrounding. Buy two stylish chairs and small coffee table for this space. You may choose from such iconic chairs like Paimio Arm Chair or Tank Chair by Alvar Aalto or Panton chairs. It will give the entire room a dazzling makeover.

When availability of space is a big concern, you may place a couple of hanging bubble chairs also designed by a famous Scandinavian designer, Eero Aarnio. Consider placing a storage ottoman or upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. You may store away your extra bed furnishings in it. Designing a Scandinavian bedroom from scratch would cost you a minimum  of $1000 CAD per square foot.

What lighting fixtures should I choose for my bedroom?

Try to keep the interior bright and cheery all day long. It will make your home look more comfortable, secure and warm. Dark rooms tend to have a depressive effect on the mind. Choose a sleek pendant lighting fixture and install it in the focal point of the room. Scandinavian style lighting fixtures act like a piece of sculpture and will effortlessly brighten up the interior of your bedroom. You may choose lighting fixtures designed by such renowned designers as Poul Henningsen and Hans Wegner or any of their modern counterparts.

Place a couple of matching table lamps on top of the bedside tables. To keep the top of the table clutter free, you may choose wall mounted fixtures with adjustable arms. This will help you to finish the book you have started reading last week without stirring anywhere from your bed. You may also install recessed lighting fixtures on the ceiling. This will remove any residual gloom from the interior of a spacious Scandinavian bedroom.