Boys Bedroom: design ideas & pictures

What to consider before designing a boy’s bedroom?

Decorating a bedroom for your little one need not be a challenging task. There are plenty of boys bedroom ideas for you to explore and take inspirations from. While planning a bedroom decor for your little adventurer keep in mind the following aspects of design:

* When decorating the room, keep the age of your child in mind. A room for a nine year old has very different requirements from a room of a two year old boy. For example, a two year old child may not have the awareness about the dangers of mishandling electrical fixtures. So it is better to keep those fixtures out of their reach. 

* Opt for furniture and materials that are child-friendly and don’t cause allergic reactions. Try to invest in organic materials, cotton drapes, bed furnishings and upholstery.

* Keep the space clutter free and clean. 

* Don’t place furniture or decor objects in front of the windows. Let natural sunlight flow into the space. It will have a positive effect on the interior environment. 

* Go for flooring materials that are skid free. Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options. Opt for skid proof ceramic tiles in the bathroom. This is a must have option for a baby’s room

* Cover the flooring with plush carpets or rugs. It will provide an added layer of safety and will keep the room warm and cosy in the winter months.

If you are searching for cool boys room decorating ideas, you have come to the right place. Homify has a massive collection of boys bedroom images. Enjoy surfing through them and take note of the interesting design tactics used in those rooms.

How can I design a boy’s bedroom? 

When it comes to the most suitable design styles for your boy’s bedroom, you have no shortage of options. The following styles are considered most suitable for a child’s bedroom.

Modern – Modern bedrooms tend to be comfortable and a cost effective solution. You can readily buy modern kid’s furniture and design accessories from the local stores or online. Modern decor seems to be more fitting for the interior of a contemporary apartment or residential building.

Scandinavian – Minimalist Scandinavian decor is another popular choice for many modern homeowners. It helps to create a simple and clutter free environment for your child’s room. The colour palette, often dominated by shades of white and grey, tends to give a breezy feel to the interiors.

Rustic – Though rustic decor is not as common as the other two options on this list, you may easily opt for it for your kid’s bedroom. It will be a nice surprise to many. Rustic décor depends heavily on organic materials like wood furniture, cotton and linen furnishings. These materials are naturally kid friendly and durable which make them a great choice for a boy’s bedroom.     

You may also ask your interior designer for theme-based decor suggestions. If you are designing the room by yourself and searching for boys room ideas, give them due consideration. Take into account the tastes and hobbies of your child. You may decorate the room based on any one of the following themes:

Sports – The popular options include car racing, baseball, football and ice hockey. Think of the sports your child loves practicing or watching. Decorate the walls with sports themed wallpaper and framed photos of your child’s sporting heroes. You will also find bed furnishing with prints of sports accessories.

Cartoon – This is another hugely popular theme for kid’s rooms. You may include the images of Disney characters in the wall décor. Framed images of popular cartoon characters can be used to decorate the feature wall.

Music – If your young one has a passion for music, then opt for this theme. Decorate the feature wall framed cds or records of his favourite artist. You can also hang large posters of his favourite musician on the wall. Many people also like decorating the feature wall with musical instruments like guitar.

Even while concentrating on themes and decor styles, don’t forget on one essential element – comfort. While buying furniture give precedence to functionality over style. If a composite bunk bed and study unit is what the room deserves, then go for that and avoid cluttering the space with standalone pieces of furniture.

What colour schemes and patterns are suitable for a boy’s bedroom?

When it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom, blue seems to be an automatic choice. A variety of blue shades, from cornflower to midnight blue, are used for this purpose. However, you need not limit yourself to these choices only. Consider opting for a combination of white, brown and grey tones for your kid’s bedroom decorated in a Scandinavian theme. Vibrant orange and red go well with pearly white and neutral grey tones as well. Green is another option for you, especially if you are decorating the room with a forest theme.

What are the essential articles of furniture for a boy’s bedroom?

A boy’s bedroom must have the following pieces of furniture:

* A comfortable bed. You may choose a comfortable platform bed, bunk bed, Trundle beds or Futon bed. Bunk and Trundle beds are especially popular for this space. They save space and, in case of a Trundle bed, increase storage area in the room. 

* A study desk is another compulsory item of decor. It should have the right height and be comfortable for the kid’s every use. 

* Place a chair in the study area. Buy a couple of more stylish chairs or Ottomans for the room. When your kid’s friends visit him in the house, they will come to service. 

* Install floating shelves in the room. They will help to store away books and other items used by your child. When availability of space is not a concern, you may also opt for a traditional book case. 

* Have a wardrobe to store away the shoes and clothes of your young one.

How to decorate a boy’s bedroom?

Buy appropriate lighting fixtures to give the room a bright and cheery feel. Use a combination of recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces and desk lamps to decorate the room in style. Buy curtains keeping in mind the colour scheme of the room. The same applies for the upholstery. Decorate the walls with framed pictures, paintings, decals or motivational words framed as a picture.        

How to increase the storage area and optimise the available space in the boy’s bedroom?

To optimise the available in a boy’s bedroom,

* Invest in multifunctional furniture. Some of these are Ottomans with drawers, bunk beds with built in study table and Futon bed that could be converted into a sofa. 

* Build or buy floating shelves that will keep the floor area uncluttered. 

* Buy foldable tables and wall mounted nightstands to free up some floor space in the room.