Bungalows: architecture, inspiration & pictures

What is a bungalow?

In Canada, bungalows are described as single-detached single-story houses. Though bungalows were once typical of the South Asian countries, they have long been popular in other parts of the world. They are extremely popular in Canada too. Wherever you go in the country, you are bound to see beautifully designed bungalows lined up by the road. They are particularly common in the suburbs where land prices permit a detached family house with a sprawling garden.

Bungalow as your permanent home vs bungalow as your winter home

Since bungalows are primarily known for their one-story structure, there is no particular difference between having it as your primary or secondary home.You can build a winter home or a beach bungalow to spend your vacations during the holiday seasons. You do not need to shell out a hefty sum to own a house like this. This type of house can be built within a limited budget.

Different types of bungalows

Bungalows in Canada are generally one story high. They are often built with a spacious veranda which sometimes surrounds three sides of the building. Depending upon the needs of a family, dwellings like this are planned with two bedrooms, three bedrooms or more.

Colonial design – You will find plenty of houses showcasing this style in British Columbia. Their characteristic patios and front yard, sloping roofs and dormer windows set them apart from the modern villas of the area. This distinct style has earned many streets within B.C. popularity as movie sets.

California style – Among the more modern versions, California style dwellings pervade the entire country. They are sometimes selected from pre-formulated designs which give them somewhat a similar look. Many of these houses are made of timber.

Chalet bungalows – Chalets are a particular favourite as winter getaways. To build them as a bungalow house is quite common. They are entirely made of wood. The more luxurious ones are supplied with all kinds of modern comforts.

Are they common in Canada?

Though you will see some variation of it, this type of family house is common across Canada. Overwater bungalows as seen in the tropical countries are somewhat of a rarity though. Beach villas portray many different architectural styles. To determine the design of your new house see the other options right here on the website. Luxury private beachside houses are built mostly for vacationing.

Building a bungalow

Building a home like this is not too troublesome. Materials used are sourced locally which considerably reduces the time and money required to set up your home. If you want to reduce the hassles of building a bungalow house even further, you can easily opt for a prefab. You will able to see some of the modular structures  right here on homify.

Canada is a vast country and the cost of building a house differs a great deal from one place to another. A three bedroom house like this in a prominent city may cost CAD 750,000 or more. But in the suburbs, the prices come down to CAD 300,000 or less than that. High quality prefabricated houses have an even lower price than that.

Taking energy efficiency into account when building a bungalow

Irrespective of the architectural style of your house, building an energy efficient home pays off in the long run. The choice of right materials, proper insulation etc will save you a ton of money on your utility bills every month. Depending on the alternative energy for heating the rooms, recycling water, maintaining the garden etc will have a significant impact on your budget.  Since Bungalows do not have a second story and won’t need upward heating systems, you can consider heating your home with radiant floor heaters, which are more energy efficient than their forced-air counterparts.

Protective measures against possible natural disasters

Depending on the locality, take protection against flooding, fire, thunder storm and other natural disasters. Insure your property against damages of any kind. Keep drainage system in order. Check out the capacity of the roof. Snowfall and heavy ice deposit on the rooftop can pose positive danger to the inhabitants of the house. For Canadian homes, it is more advisable to go for sloped roofs to prevent roof collapses during the winter.

Legal issues that may arise when building a bungalow

While the regulations are uniform and do not alter significantly with the architectural style of your family dwelling, check out if the area is suitable for building a house like this. Carry out a survey of the piece of the plot you own or are about to own. You will need approval on the house plan and a permit to build a house. Speak with a legal counselor to understand the finer details of such dealings.

Pros & cons

Pros: Bungalows are very well known for their advantages. This is one of the best and universal architectural designs you can opt for. A bungalow house can be an affordable housing solution since these generally require building for less finished floor area. On the other hand, you can build and decorate it as lavishly as you want. They occupy a reasonable amount of space and are best for single families. A multi-family dwelling must be much larger than the usual ones. Bungalows also provide more accessibility for family members that cannot use stairs. If you are planning to invest in a pre-designed or prefabricated house, watch out for comfort and convenience. Make a note of what you are being offered at the price so that you do not need to rue your decision at a later date.

Cons: On the other hand, bungalows might not maximize the potential of your land. Homes in Canada generally have higher resale values depending on the number of rooms including bathrooms. Owning a bungalow means not having a second story that increases your finished floor area and total number of rooms per perimeter.

Maintaining & costs

Maintenance of a house like this is similar to other types of family dwellings. The wooden ones need repainting every four years or so. The maintenance costs may shot up during the long winter months. Generally speaking, you must have a budget of 1 to 3 percent of the cost of the house in hand every year for covering all the maintenance costs.

Which professionals are able to help you

When building a bungalow from scratch, you will need expert help to build a shelter you are willing to for yourself and your family. Depending on what type of renovation you are planning for your house, you will need assistance from interior architects, kitchen planners, bathroom planners, and possibly roofing specialists.

When building it from scratch

Apart from an experienced architect who will help you plan your project, you will need home builders to build a home from scratch. To decorate the interiors seek consultation with an interior designer. Plan well ahead in time to avoid mistakes and disappointments. Whether you want to invest in building a beautiful porch, build a bungalow to emphasize the size of your property, or simply having a single-story house is enough to meet your needs, make sure to consider which features of a bungalow are important to you to better plan your budget.