What is a corridor? How does it differ from a hall?

A passageway enclosed by walls and ceiling of a building is known as a corridor. This particular space gives access to the different parts of the house such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and so on. The length and width of the corridors vary greatly from one house to another. Due to a lack of space, contemporary city apartments tend to have very short and narrow corridors between the rooms.

Both corridors and hallways are prominent features of residential and commercial buildings. Though they are sometimes used interchangeably, halls or hallways are different from conventional corridors. The hall is an entryway, a space that immediately follows the main entrance. Depending on the size of the house, halls can be spacious or tiny in dimension.

Sometimes large meeting or entertainment rooms are also referred to as halls. Corridors, on the other hand, refer to the internal passageways of a building. Province House in Charlottetown and Dalnavert National Historic Site in Winnipeg are two historic buildings famous for their classically designed hallways.

What are the basic principles of designing a welcoming hallway?

It is not too difficult to design a stylish hallway. But you must keep an eye on some of the basic principles of hall design. The decoration of this space must be in tune with the rest of the building. If you have designed a country style home, don’t plan a contemporary hallway. Create a warm and welcoming space. Don’t decorate the area with too many objects of décor. Leave it uncluttered and clean. This way you will easily create an illusion of space. Besides, cluttered hallways tend to trap dust and grime and make the interior environment unhealthy.

Many hallways don’t have direct access to sunlight. Install sufficient number of artificial lighting fixtures, make up for the lack of windows and design a cheerful space. Ensure security and privacy of the interiors. Seek help from a skilled interior architect, if you are not sure how to design a secure portal in your home.

What are the essential ingredients of a stylish corridor?

Planning to renovate this part of your building? Or, perhaps you are searching for some stylish hallway ideas for your new home? To design a chic and welcoming hallway, keep your focus on these major features. Design stylish flooring which remains in tune with the overall décor. You may choose granite, marble or sandstone flooring. They are elegant, easy to clean and durable.

Hardwood flooring boasts of timeless beauty. Opt for cedar, mahogany, oak, walnut or birch flooring. Hardwood flooring needs waxing and varnishing once in about five years’. Like stone flooring they can last for ages. Engineered wood flooring is a more cost effective alternative, but it lacks the beauty of natural wood. Ceramic tiles are affordable and very easy to maintain. But they are somewhat more brittle than the other flooring materials on this list.

Choose the right kind of colour scheme for this part of the building. You may introduce a bright accent tone like yellow, red or orange in conjunction to neutral grey or white. If this space does not receive sufficient natural light, then brighten it up with shades of yellow and white. Don’t forget to install an elegant and sturdy main door and secure the interiors. You have a variety of choices at your disposal.

Hardwood main doors continue to be the perennial favourite. If you live in a classically designed home, you may also choose a hardwood door with wrought iron hardware. Steel doors are very secure and favourite for many home owners. Steel doors are covered with foam which improves the insulation quality of the interiors. Fibreglass doors are becoming increasingly popular.

They are very durable, are not prone to rusting and are available in a variety of stylish colours and designs. Choose a door colour that suits your colour scheme. You may also opt for fibreglass internal doors. Though the cost of hall design greatly depends on the type of materials in use and size of the hallway, you may easily stylise or renovate your hallway by spending as little as $2000 CAD.  

What furniture should you buy for your corridor?

This part of your home hardly needs too many articles of furniture. Place a modular or custom designed shoe rack close to the main door. To keep it away from everyone’s view, you may tuck it under the staircase. Upholstered ottomans with shoe shelves are another option for you to try. To further reduce your storage related concerns you may install a shelving system on the wall or opt for a mud locker.

Place a console table in a prominent place in the hall. Decorate the top of the table, with fresh flowers, potted plants, small sculptures or candles. Their presence tends to create a very genial atmosphere. Place a couple of chairs, a small but comfortable sofa or an upholstered bench. This will help you or your guests to have a brief breather after a long walk.

How to decorate a small hallway?

It is uncommon to have spacious arched hallways in modern buildings. Many houses and apartments in the city are struggling to make optimal use of the available space. However, a small hallway can be decorated in a stylish fashion as well. Choose a colour scheme that brightens up the space. Spread a small area rug close by the main door. If you have sufficient space, then place a slim console table along one of the walls. Decorate the top of the table with a few art objects.

Install chic pendant lighting fixtures or wall sconces to add a cheery note to the interior atmosphere. Put up a large mirror on one of the walls. Mirrors tend to make a small space look roomier. Install floating shelves. To maximise the storage area make use of the under stair space. Invite your guests with a smile and welcome them in a happy and healthy home.