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Modern dining room

Modern dining room designs

Modern dining room is the second social hub of the home. For those who follow an open floor plan, it is actually a primary one sharing its glamour with the living room. In either case, a hearty modern dining room decor is essential for every home that cares for its style.

Modern dining room layouts

Gone are the days of the sprawling dining parlours with dining tables a few metres’ long and two dozen chairs accompanying the large table. Modern dining room tends to be intimate, comfortable and just spacious enough for a family to enjoy the meals together and occasionally relish the company of the guests. The shrinking size of the modern homes is primarily responsible for this change.

Though formal dining rooms still exist in many modern dwellings, they do not tend to be as ostentatiously decorated as before. Modern dining room designs or rather the layout of the same is planned keeping in mind the nature and dimension of the space. Expect the layout to be slightly different for open plan dining rooms from a dining space that is enclosed within a kitchen. Breakfast rooms tend to be even cosier and less ornamented than any of these.

A formal salle à manger generally accommodates 8 to 12 people. For a comfortable dining experience, allow 30 to 36 inches between two consecutive chairs. To ensure an ease of serving, the table should be at least four feet from the wall on every side. What would you do if you do not have space enough to plan such a modern dining room design as this? You opt for the second best option.

Instead of modern dining chairs, place an ottoman bench next to one of the vacant walls. Position the dining table in front of it followed by a few chairs according to the necessity of your household. In case of real space crunch, you may use foldaway chairs. The same layout will work fine for one of the corners as well. Breakfast nooks and open plan kitchen may take advantage of this layout as well.

For eat-in-kitchens, you may replace the island with a dining table and place chairs around it. Alternatively, think of installing a kitchen island with dining arrangements. The mobile cart like island has similar facilities as well. These are super useful for small homes and also outdoor kitchens. Check out our modern dining room images and select the one which seems to be most suited for your home. We have a large number of modern dining room ideas of every type, including some very innovative ones.

Dining tables for modern dining rooms

The extensive variety of modern dining tables available nowadays provides you with a greater number of choices than ever before. Do you think it has increased the confusions among the potential buyers? It may have done so to a certain extent. But the availability of choices is never a bad thing especially of you know what you need for the interior of your dwelling.

Modern dining room inspiration we share regularly through our magazine section will help you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various articles of furniture and décor. Modern dining room designs are dictated by the choice of dining table. Remember that room size and your lifestyle will dictate the shape and size of the table. Rectangular tables are the common ones, because it can be accommodated in any dining room. You can also arrange maximum number of seats around a rectangular table.

Round or oval tables allow a better flow of conversation, because the diners can see each other’s face. But in a domestic setting, it works only when a small group of people sit around it and enjoy a delectable meal with a delicious round of discussion in matters not very serious. So, if you generally entertain a small group of around half a dozen guests, circular shapes will work perfectly for you.

Square tables allow seating arrangements on every side, but are only fit for a reasonably spacious squarish room. However, limit the number of people to 8. To accommodate guests greater than this number will need a square table of an unusually big size. Irregularly sized tables can be used to induce a sense of cheer. They are also useful for outdoor entertainment zones, terrace dining and so on.

As for materials, wood is a perennial favourite. Its durability and charm are enough to give any dining space a most opulent makeover. From pale ash to intense mahogany, you have a variety of wood at your disposal too. Due to their cost effectiveness, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), particle board and laminated tables are becoming increasingly popular. Wrought iron, cast aluminium and colourful moulded plastic tables are some of the other choices for you to explore.

Other types of furniture

Meticulously planned modern dining room designs need a little more than a contemporary dining table, however stylish. You must have fashionable chairs to accompany your elegant dining table. You may go for upholstered chairs or intricately designed wood chairs for a more formal space. Chairs with cosy cushions would work fine too.

Benches with storage space, ottomans, stools and multipurpose stackable chairs work best for small homes. You may fall back to some of the most notable pieces of mid-century modern furniture designed by the likes of Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton, Eero Saarinen and Arne Jacobsen. Or, you may choose to have more contemporary chairs to place around your trendy dining table.

The materials suitable for tables are naturally suited for the chairs and benches as well. Consult our modern dining room pictures to find out the most attractive options that are also fitting for your home. When planning an outdoor dining area, opt for chic wrought iron or wicker furniture. Another important piece of furniture needed for your modern dining parlour is a dining room dresser or modern cupboard.

Depending on the size of the space you may choose either or any of one these articles and resolve some of your persistent storage concerns. Built in cupboards or shelves will not only increase the storage space, but also help you display your precious collection of crockery in the best possible ways. If you are inclined to give buffets, then you will need a sideboard or side table here. You may also choose to place a slim console table to give the space a more decorative feel.

Lighting fixtures for modern dining rooms

Proper illumination is necessary for any dining room. While you must try to increase the inflow of natural light, in itself would be insufficient to keep the space bright and cheerful all day long. The layered approach is best for modern homes. The same applies for contemporary dining spaces as well.

Since minimalism has been chosen as the way forward, lighting fixtures have begun to assume an even more important role. Instead of being a mere functional accessory, they often double up as decorative features. In that respect, little has changed since the days of classical crystal chandeliers which were installed more for their gorgeous looks than for any other reason.

However, you will have to choose fixtures that are more suited to your contemporary setting. Gracefully designed pendant lighting, modern chandelier or linear pendants maintain the focus firmly on top of the dining table. Wall scones are good for brightening up the corners. Spotlights can be installed on top of the large image or mirror that occupies your feature wall.

Ambient lighting induces a dreamy feel in the interior atmosphere. Choose your fixtures carefully to give your dining room an elegant feel, but be careful not to overdo it and spoil its stylish features. Cabinets or shelves can be stylised with hidden LED lighting which introduces a fun element and also makes locating things easy for you.

Modern dining room designs and decorative features

When it comes to choosing a proper colour scheme, you enjoy a greater liberty. Exercise your creativity to select a scheme that is slightly different from the run of the mill ones you get to see everywhere. If you are opting for all white spaces, carefully vary the textures and avoid creating a dull looking interior.

Why not look around your kitchen shelves and spot those herbs and spices that can give you cues for a fresh colour palette? Or, look out from the window and consult nature for fresh decorating ideas. Don’t forget your dining room needs a few decorative elements as well.

Flowers and candles are the most potent ones for this space. You may keep a few potted herbs or flowering plants in this space as well. A handful of sculptures scattered strategically in different parts of the room will improve its charm.