Doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are some of the different types of doors?

Doors help you maintain the security and privacy of your home. An elegant door design plays a key role in improving the curb appeal of a house. Doors also help circulate fresh air in the interiors of a home. They are a permanent feature of every dwelling and has been so since human beings started building their own homes. Door designs became more varied with the passage of time. Depending on their designs, doors can be differentiated into the following categories:

Framed and panelled doors – This is one of the most widely used door designs in the residential buildings of Canada. As the name suggests, it is designed using at least four different panels. These panels are held together by vertical and horizontal rails. Panels can have raised or bevelled designs. Using more curvaceous style is also not rare. A panelled door can be installed in the interior of a building or as the front door.

Glazed doors – Glazed doors have panels made of glass. They are an excellent choice for the interior of a building, but not for the places which need greater privacy. Glazed doors with frosted glass panels can be installed in your home office, dining parlour or studio. Stained glass doors of the old Queen Anne style houses in Canaa are still praised for their lavish design.

Sliding doors – Sliding doors are considered a delightful choice for all those interior designers working hard to decorate a comfortable interior for the owners of small homes. Since sliding doors can replace an entire wall, they are also useful for those houses built in a scenic spot. They allow an uninterrupted view of the surroundings without compromising on the insulation qualities of a home.d

Louvered doors – Louvered doors have shutters in the place of panels. They are capable of providing ventilation and privacy to the interiors. They can be installed in the kitchen, home office or living room. However, they don’t provide adequate insulation inside the home. It is one of the major reasons for their fading popularity.

What are some of the best materials for the main door?

To ensure the security of your home, you must choose the right kind of material for your doors. The material and design of the front door contribute to the beauty of the façade. Seek assistance of a reputed door design and installation company to have your door custom designed for you. Front doors made of wood, metal, reinforced glass and fibreglass are very common in the Canadian homes. Solid wood is undoubtedly the most favoured door material. The common wood types for building doors include mahogany, oak, cherry, walnut and pine. Wood is durable, sustainable and can be designed to the style which fits your building.

However, wooden doors can be expensive. Though wood is not very difficult to maintain, you need to varnish it periodically to maintain its health. Poor quality wood can be prone to rot and termite attacks. Doors made of hardwood can cost between $1600 CAD and $4200 CAD. The type and quality of the wood, design, size of the door, choice of hardware and installation cost all contribute in determining the door price.

In terms of popularity, front doors made of steel come very close to the wooden doors. Steel is extremely sturdy and very secure. Steel doors with foam board covers provide great insulation to the interiors. However, steel doors can be heavy, so can be difficult to handle for the aged members of the family. They are great for the contemporary homes, but do not suit the classical or country style facades. They need periodic coating of rust proof paints. Sometimes plywood door is covered with a sheet of metal. They are less strong than the solid metal doors.

Aluminium doors are sometimes considered as an alternative to the steel doors. This type of door is lightweight and easy to maintain, but, if hit by sharp objects, it develops dents and scratch marks. A steel door costs about the same as the wooden door. Aluminium entry doors would cost you between $900 CAD and $2200 CAD.

Fibreglass doors are growing in popularity by the day. It is very strong, waterproof, rot and rust proof, easy to clean and maintain, can mimic the look of wood and is cheaper than wood or steel doors. Fibreglass doors can be bought and installed in less than $3000 CAD. Reinforced glass doors are growing in popularity as well. This type of glass is not as brittle as the common glass and is capable of maintaining the security the interiors.

Glass doors are built with aluminium or wood frames. Impact resistant glass costs about $20 CAD per square feet. Another material widely used for designing the internal doors of a building is uPVC. It is reasonably durable and lightweight. It is available in a variety of colours. You will be able to buy stylish uPVC doors in less than $800 CAD.

How to choose the right kind of door hardware and how to decorate a door?

Choose quality hardware that lasts long. The style should match the design of your door as well as the overall décor of the house. For example, Gothic brass knockers don’t go well with the modern design and acrylic knobs don’t suit classical décor. So avoid installing such mismatching accessories. Give precedence to the accessories that are easy to use and stylish. If you have kids at home, install child safe locks.

Some of the common door hardware includes levers or knobs, locks, hinges, deadbolts and door stopper. Knockers and handle sets are often installed for decorating the doors. Door eyes can be installed on the front door. It will help you to see the person before opening the door for him or her. For greater security though, consider installing door camera.     

Select a colour for your door that matches the colour scheme of your home. You may accessorise it further with small photo frames. Install door lighting fixtures right on the top of the front door. You may also consider installing wall sconces on either side of the doors. This will dispel the gloom of your hallway and make you feel more secure.