Double garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How big is a double garage?

Garage dimensions vary a lot and must be based on your requirements. A standard two-car garage in Canada tends to be 14 to 16 feet long and 18 to 20 feet wide. Before planning to build a double garage, think about the cars you are going to park here. Full-sized family cars in Canada have a minimum length of 12 feet. Older sedans, the models released before 1990s, tend to be longer than that.

Some homeowners like to park their lawn utility vehicle alongside their personal car. If you want to do so in your garage too, then build a garage with a minimum dimension of 20 X 24 feet. Due to a lack of space, city homeowners may not have the luxury of building a large garage on their front yard. Building a two-storey garage with car lifts may help you solve this problem.  

What materials are needed to build a double garage?

Double garages in Canada are generally built using the following materials:

Timber – Wooden garages are by far the most popular type of garages in the country. Easy availability of timber and natural charm of wood are the primary reasons for their enduring popularity. Red Cedar, Hemlock, Birch, Oak, Walnut and Mahogany are the common wood types used to build a stylish garage. Wood-clad garages are not only aesthetically pleasing but very durable. They are, however, a costly option. Plywood is frequently used to build a more affordable garage.

Steel – Steel garages are sturdy, very secure and long lasting. Double garages made of steel tend to complement the beauty of the contemporary city dwellings.

Aluminium – Aluminium is lightweight and durable, but not as sturdy as steel. Aluminium sheets are used not only to clad the entire garage, but also to build the door and window frames.

Fibreglass – Fibreglass does not boast of the durability of wood or steel. But it is cost effective and available in a variety of colours. Fibreglass is sometimes used to design the doors and windows of steel or aluminium garages.

Clear acrylic – Clear acrylic is frequently used to design the roofing of the garages and carports. It is reasonably long lasting, easy to maintain and fashionable.

Vinyl – Vinyl is cheap and readily available in the local hardware stores. It is available in a variety of lustrous colours and textures which increase its popularity among the modern home owners.

How much would it cost to build a double garage in Canada?

Double garages clad completely in wood cost more than $17500 CAD. To build a steel double garage you will have to spend between $7000 CAD and $12000 CAD. Prefab vinyl garages are available for less than $5000 CAD. Prefab garages are easy to source and install. They are a very affordable alternative to the custom designed garages. Installation costs of the garages tend to exceed $2500 CAD. This should be added to the overall price of the custom built or the prefabricated garages.

What are the different door types for double garages?

Double garage doors should have a minimum width of 16 feet. You may also install two separate doors of 8 feet on the front façade of your double garage. The height of the doorway should be more than 10 feet. You may choose any one of the following garage door styles:

Roll up doors – Roll up doors or shutters are designed for providing greater security and faster installation. They tend to save space in the small garages. So they are one of the best garage door types for the city homes. Roll up garage doors prices vary between $800 CAD and $1200 CAD.

Retractable garage doors – Remote controlled retractable garage door is a very convenient option for the modern homeowners. They can be manually operated as well. This type of garage doors opens on a pivot point and is installed with a vertical or horizontal track. Retractable garage doors made of steel cost around $1600 CAD. The cost of garage door installation varies from one garage door company to another. So seek clarification on this point from your garage door company before purchase.

Sectional garage door – This type of door is designed solely from timber or a combination of timber and steel frame. This is a very elegant door style and increases the curb appeal of your residence. Sectional garage doors cost more than $2000 CAD. You may opt for prefabricated vinyl or plywood sectional doors that are available within $1000 CAD.

Hinged doors – Hinged doors are best for spacious garages with plenty of room around them. This is a popular option for traditional barn style garages. Hinged doors are convenient for manual operation. You may choose wooden, steel or vinyl hinged doors for your double car garage. Depending on the material in use and size of the doors, the cost would vary between $600 CAD and $2500 CAD.

How to find the right professional to build a double garage?

You will find reputed architects and home builders on homify’s online platform. You may have a detailed discussion about your project and your specific needs with any one of them. Seeking suggestions from friends and family members, especially those who built a new garage recently, is another way of finding the right person for the job.

Online directories and yellow pages provide information about the local garage planners and builders as well. You may also procure a list of registered members from the home builders’ association of your city. In every case, take some time out to check the designer’s past records. Have a look at his or her portfolio. Read the feedback and ratings left by his or her earlier customers. Once you are satisfied with all of these, go ahead and handover the project to the concerned person.