Dressing room: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Walk in closet

Walk in closet is a rather late invention. It started appearing in modern homes in early 20th century. Before that period a walk in wardrobe as we know it today, was not commonly seen even in the most elaborately designed houses. A regally decorated dressing room was however a common feature of many 19th century homes.

If you are planning to design a dressing room for your home, you can easily go through the dressing room pictures presented on this site and model a walk in closet based on any of the designs presented here.

Walk in closet ideas

Compared to some of the princely mansions of the past, modern houses have very different requirements. That however should not deter you from planning for dressing room designs. A variety of layouts suitable for small rooms as well as the expansive ones is now available for you to choose from.

An en suite changing room generally follows a U-pattern which helps to make an optimal use of the available space. The next best option is L-shaped layouts, particularly if the available space is not adequate enough to go for more detailed walk in closet designs. When you have an oblong shaped room you can consider building a galley style walk in closet.

One wall closets are the most suitable option for tiny spaces. This can be built in an open plan bedroom as well. Before you choose any of these options, measure the space and see which one of the dressing room design ideas would be most appropriate for the space. Bespoke solutions tend to make better use of the space available, but that does not mean building a chic closet using a ready-to-assemble modular wardrobe is next to impossible.

Dressing room design with islands

Closet islands not only give a luxurious makeover to your dressing room, but also increase its storage capacity. If you are planning for a lavish hotel like dressing room décor, then it is almost indispensible. Yet, you must also take into consideration the availability of the space. If you do not have a room spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a closet island, it is better to omit it altogether. Having it installed in the middle of a small space will only create further clutter which will be detrimental to its fashionable look.

Islands with drawers to store away jewelleries, watches, perfumes or makeup accessories would be a great addition for any closet. You may build a walk in wardrobe with separate his and her sections. Unless the space is large enough, it would be better to opt for a single island though. You can invest in islands with separate compartments to neatly organise your and your partner’s accessories.

Islands with upholstered benches will exclude the necessity of having extra ottomans for comfort. Smaller rooms can have stylish but lightweight stools, stackable chairs or poufs as seating arrangements. This will save on the floor space and make it look slightly larger.

Small dressing room ideas

Choose a layout that perfectly suits the space you are about to decorate. Make sure it resolves your storage concerns without making your room feel cramped and suffocating. Compared to the standalone armoires, built in wardrobes are most suitable options for small rooms as well as the big ones. They tend to look more fashionable and use the space more efficiently.

Choose a colour scheme that is in sync with the interior design, soothing yet not depressive. It should be capable of giving the space a more expansive feel. White tends to be a popular and somewhat a safe choice. If you opt for a colour scheme dominated by white, ensure that you spice it up a little bit by using more dazzling shades. When used sparingly, colourful motifs may also work fine.

Do not limit your choices to white only. Explore some other options like pale pistachio, vanilla, beige, powder blue or one of Pantone’s favourites, limpet blue. To accentuate these tones choose a contrasting colour. In case of limpet blue, shell white can be used as accents. Plan for some more ingenuous colour schemes that are worthy of a chic home. Try to maintain the relaxing nature of the interior.

You can use sample coats to see how your chosen palette looks like in reality. To introduce an element of surprise, try to vary the textures. You can install large mirrors or buy wardrobes with reflective doors to make a small space a little more expansive. This would help you to add a sense of drama as well.

Arrange for proper ventilation and insulation. Both of these elements are necessary for the comfort of those who are going to use this space. They would also help you to preserve the valuable pieces of clothing and leather accessories. Do not block the windows with your dressing table or any other item of decor. Instead, decorate them with beautiful curtains to bring in a romantic vibe. When natural light proves to be less than sufficient, install skylights to increase the inflow. A well lighted room always feels more cheery than a gloomy space.

Lighting fixtures for your closet

Recessed lighting fixtures are best suited for spaces of every kind of dimension. You can install them in such a way that they are able to keep the entire room thoroughly illuminated. Aesthetically designed pendants look great in a reasonably sized room. Do not install more pendant fixtures than you need though. They may only result in an unwanted clutter. Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures can be used to brighten up the middle of the room.

Choose a design that is suitable to the interior styling. Eclectic spaces may opt for chandeliers as well. Linear suspensions can be installed close to the dressing table. But make sure that the light does not reflect on the mirrors. Task lighting or directional spotlights would be effective in this area too.

For a purely decorative purpose, you can invest in the under shelf LEDs. You may also install concealed LED lighting on the underside of the closet island. They are however, not meant to illuminate the room in any way. A small room may feel very dramatic in their presence. So, use them sparingly and only as accents.

The same applies to coloured LED lighting which is only installed to give the space a rather spectacular makeover. When searching for dressing room ideas do take a special note of the lighting styles. Consider the shape and size of your own closet before opting for a style that catches your fancy.

Flooring options

Your closet does need to have impressive flooring as well. The general trend is to go for the same option as in the bedroom. But there is no rule of thumb dictating this choice of yours and you can easily opt for other flooring solutions as well. Wall to wall carpeting is a preferred option for many.

It is very comfortable to the feet, is slip free and a good option if you have a bathroom occupying the same space. It also helps to improve the insulation quality of the interiors. However, bear in mind that you will have to put up with the hassles of vacuum cleaning the surface regularly.

Consider opting for high quality wood. It would give a very graceful facelift to the interiors. You have a variety of options available for you and each one comes with exclusive tones and textures. You can easily obtain that glamorous look you are dreaming of by opting to install white oak, walnut, birch, elm or mahogany flooring. Some other non traditional choices like purpleheart, wenge, Pau Amarello and zebrawood deserve a mention because you can afford to be a little adventurous while decorating this space.

Luxury vinyl is being opted for its ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness. Laminate flooring would be an even more affordable option. You may also go for polished marble or granite flooring. Sandstone boasts of a range of colours very suitable for spaces like these. You can easily spread a beautiful area rug on your stone or wood flooring. This will increase the beauty of the space will also give you more comfort. Remember to coordinate the colour of your rug with the other items in the room.

Ceramic tiles are not too frequently used for flooring in this part of your home. But there is no harm in going for these as they can be very easy to maintain. Tiles resembling stone or wood are often favoured by many over the real ones. We share dressing room inspiration and hot tips about designing this space through our ideabooks. Go through those to find out the ideal solution for you.