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Modern dressing room ideas

A modern walk in closet is one of the most coveted features of contemporary homes. No! It is not solely meant to add pizzazz to your residence, though it does so in an admiring style, but to preserve all your precious items of clothing and accessories. They are an effective way of managing the clutter in your home as well. By going through our modern dressing room ideas, you can easily draw enough inspirations to design a fantastic modern walk in closet for your home.

Flooring options for a modern changing room

Without the right kind of flooring, you cannot reasonably expect to give your modern changing room a gorgeous appearance. It is important to improve the insulation capabilities of your home, make it comfortable to the feet and stylish for the ambience. Modern dressing room designs can make the best use of various flooring materials available for the benefit of every contemporary homeowner.

Since a modern dressing room is generally enclosed in a bedroom, the choice of flooring tends to affect both the spaces. But you are under no obligation to choose the same flooring for both these areas. Quite expectedly, natural wood tops the choice. It is warm, durable and chic. High quality wood is repellent to pest attacks which suits a space meant for storage of expensive items including leather accessories.

While there are a variety of species to suit every requirement and budget, you may choose mahogany, cherry, beech or walnut for a luxurious dressing room design. If you want to have the lavish look at a lower cost, then alder, eucalyptus etc would be a more suitable choice for you.

In case you do not wish to put the recurrent hassles of oiling or waxing your hardwood flooring, you may opt for engineered wood flooring instead. Laminate is a cheaper option which imitates the looks of natural wood. However, it does not enjoy the strength and durability of solid wood. Bamboo flooring is quite a recent favourite. The ease of installation makes it a favoured flooring material for every DIYer.

The cushioned surface of cork floor is very comfortable to the feet. It remains warm in the colder months and is affordable as well. But the weight bearing capabilities of cork flooring is not too high. Heavy furniture live loaded wardrobes can cause dents on the surface the cork floors.

Tiled flooring may be uncommon for the dressing rooms, but there is no harm in exploring its range of colours and patterns. Do not forget to experiment with the shape of the tiles either. Concrete flooring is another affordable option which you must consider looking into, especially since it is now available in a range of very vibrant tones.

Marble, sandstone and travertine flooring is capable of giving any modern dressing room a most regal makeover. The colour and texture of natural stone can increase the charm of your modern dressing room décor. Their durability is well known. Polished stone flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

After years of anonymity, linoleum flooring is making a huge comeback. It is often considered an eco-friendly flooring option. It is easy to maintain and manufactured to last. The range of available colours and patterns makes linoleum a rather attractive choice. Moreover, it is a kid friendly option, slip resistant and not easily susceptible to scratches or stains. To improve its durability, you may choose a high performance coating for your linoleum flooring.

Modern dressing room ideas and carpeted floor

Improved heating and insulation process of the modern interiors have had a detrimental effect on the popularity of carpeted floor. Your dressing room, even when decorated in a contemporary fashion, enjoys a close bond with the carpeted floor. It helps to improve the beauty and cosiness of the space. It is comfortable and warm. Besides carpet can help you to build a sound proof room which is essential for those living in the busier parts of the city.

Despite being an expensive option, plush wool carpet is the most preferred option for elegant dressing rooms. They are snug, sustainable and very comfortable for the winter months. Polypropylene and nylon are both affordable and the latter is considered the most durable carpet fibre by far. Polyester carpet is manufactured from recycled products. Polyester and olefin are both naturally stain resistant.

Loop pile carpets can be a good option for contemporary walk in closets. Carpets should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep the interior environment dust and allergen free. Instead of wall to wall carpeting, you may go for stylish area rugs or layered rugs for this space. High quality silk, wool or cotton area rugs will also have a glamorising effect on your changing room. You will hardly find a modern dressing room inspiration which does not boast of fashionable rugs as well.

Modern dressing room colour scheme

Modern dressing rooms are best decorated in soothing tones. Since it is often designed as a part of a bedroom suite, maintaining a synergy between the colour schemes of the bedroom and bathroom would be vital. For innovative colour schemes feel free to check our modern dressing room pictures. While selecting a colour palette, keep in mind the texture and tone of the furniture in use.

Shades of honeydew, laurel green, lilac, blue grey or Tiffany blue can bring in that calming effect that you are craving for. You can select a more radiant shade in combination with the neutrals too. Remember this is a personal space. So choose shades that would bring you satisfaction and comfort. If it is a His and Hers dressing room that you are planning to decorate, then select a colour palette that feels comforting to both.

Modern dressing room ideas – furniture

You cannot reasonably expect to design a chic modern walk in closet without taking due care in choosing the right furniture. While there is no dearth of stylish options, you will have to study them closely to find out those pieces suited for the space you are about to design. As they tend to make the best use of the available space, built in closets often score over their free standing counterparts.

A dressing room island increases the amount of storage space and the style quotient of your modern dressing room. You may select an island with provisions for seating arrangement or without one. Even for modern dressing rooms, a separate dressing table tuck in a light filled corner would be an ideal choice. But if you are bothered by the space constraints, then there is no harm in installing cabinets with mirrored doors and shelves customised to store your cosmetics and personal items.

A cosily upholstered ottoman bench or stool is a must have piece of furniture. But for small rooms, replacing it with a stylish and lightweight stool would be necessary. Check out our small dressing room ideas to find out those options that are ideally suitable for a small space.

Proper illumination will make the space comfortable and relaxing. Lighting options chosen by you should not be glaring. However, they must be clear enough for excellent visibility. Keep a close watch on the lighting fixtures while checking out modern dressing room ideas. Select those that are at once functional and stylish.

Modern dressing room ideas – Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style dressing rooms are decorated with subtle tones, wood flooring and natural wood furniture. Wall to wall carpeting is not too frequent for Scandinavian homes, but area rugs are often used to decorate the space. Built in cabinets are used to give a neat and clean look to the interiors.

Contemporary Scandinavian walk in closets have spacious windows covered with layered curtains and blinds. This increases the romantic vibe of the interiors. In combination with chic pendants, recessed lighting is installed to illuminate the space. You will find homify full of modern dressing room ideas in Scandinavian styles.

Modern dressing room ideas – Industrial style

Industrial decor is all about rough styles, raw materials and exposed surfaces. Rough hewn flooring, exposed concrete or brick walls and metallic furniture with wood accents are going to be the perfect options for this space. Do not hide your clothes and accessories behind closed cabinet doors. Install floating shelves built of cast iron, aluminium or weathered wood to keep everything organised.

If you are searching for dressing room ideas with a raw edge, then this would be the perfect option for you. Since industrially decorated spaces do not care too much for embellishments, it is suitable for very small spaces and even for dressing rooms built in a corner of the bedroom. Even while picking inspirations from various modern dressing room ideas, do not forget to inject your personal style. Failure to do so may leave you with a stylish dressing room without any personal connection.