Garage & Shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is a garden shed?

A garden shed is a simple structure with pitched or flat roof used for storing various garden tools. Interestingly, garden sheds are used for many other purposes than simply as storage rooms. In Canada, garden sheds sometimes serve the dual purpose of a greenhouse and storage room. You may also use a part of your shed as a home office or studio. If you have kids at home, then you may build a stylish kid’s cottage in one part of your garden shed. They will merrily spend long hours playing inside this playroom.

Another way of utilising this extra space is building a small entertainment area to host occasional parties. If you have built a large enough shed, you may use a portion of it to build an accessory dwelling unit. Many homeowners combine their garages with garden sheds and optimise the available space on the premises.

Where to install your garden shed?

Build your garden shed in an empty corner of your backyard. Request your landscape designer to choose a fine spot for you. If you plan to use it as an outdoor entertainment area, then build it closer to the kitchen and dining room of your residence. Otherwise, carrying food items and dining sets from and to the kitchen could turn out to be an exhausting task. Don’t place the garden shed under a shaded tree. It will impede the penetration of natural light in your shed. This may make the interior damp and prone to the attacks of mould and mildew. For the same reason, avoid building a shed close to a garden pond. To avoid accidents, don’t install it under the heavy branches of a large tree.      

What are the common cladding materials for a garden shed?

Traditional Canadian garden sheds are built from timber. Use of bamboo is growing in popularity in Canada. Cork is another contemporary material that is gaining huge popularity. It is durable, cost effective, and gives a warm feeling in the interiors. It improves the acoustical and insulation qualities of your shed. If you use this space for any other purpose than storing your garden and household items, then you may use cork walls and flooring in your garden shed.

Metal sheets are frequently used to clad garden sheds. They provide greater security and are very durable. Garden sheds made of PVC are termite resistant, simple to maintain and durable. Polyethylene is the most affordable material for cladding sheds. They are available in a variety of vibrant colours. But polyethylene does not have the sturdiness of the other materials on this list.

Red cedar lumbers, measuring 2 X 6 feet, cost about $32 CAD. Cork tiles cost between $6 CAD and $8 CAD per square foot. High quality metal sheets will cost you between $10 CAD and $18 CAD per square foot. These sheets are coated with a protective layer of copper and zinc, so they can withstand the elements of nature better.

To buy PVC sheets you will have to spend between $4 CAD and $6 CAD per square foot. They are available in an array of colours. You may also buy clear acrylic sheets for the roofing. The prices are similar to the PVC sheets. Polyethylene sheets, on the other hand, cost less than $1 CAD per square foot.

What are the different roof types for garden sheds?

Garden sheds can be built with a gable roof. It looks stylish. The presence of a garden shed with a pitched or gable roof also increases the charm of your backyard. It is not uncommon to have sheds with gambrel roofing. If you live in a classical building or wooden house, then you should go for this roof type. It would look perfectly in tune with your main building. Flat and lean to roofing are two other types for you to choose from. Lean to roofing is only applicable for sheds attached to the main building.

Prefab garden sheds in Canada

Prefab sheds are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. They are easy to install, cost effective and are available in the local stores as well as online. They come in a variety of trendy styles. Small prefabricated sheds made of PVC are available within $1000 CAD. If you just need a tiny storage shed, you may have one in less than $400 CAD. The size of this kind of storage shed will be approximately 36 cubic feet. You may buy small steel storage sheds within $500 CAD. Prefabricated structures made of cedar costs more than $3000 CAD.  

Doors and windows for the garden sheds

It is common to invest in glass windows with wood frames for the wooden sheds and steel or aluminium frames for the metal sheds. Similarly, you will get frames made of PVC and acrylic in the market. These two types are used for sheds made of PVC and polyethylene respectively. The same applies for doors. Only very small storage sheds do not need any door or window. They are built like a large chest, so are designed with lids.  

Security and privacy of garden sheds

Garden sheds used as accessory dwelling units and home offices need greater amount of security and privacy. Building a steel structure on your backyard is one way of addressing this need. Install burglar alarms on the doorway, just like you do for your main building. You may also install a security camera inside the shed. These security measures are also beneficial for the sheds used for parking small garden utility vehicles.   

Invest in quality LED lighting fixtures for the interiors. LED lighting is energy efficient and capable of keeping the space properly illuminated. Solar lighting is another option you may like to explore. Buy dusk to dawn lighting fixtures and install them on the exterior of the shed. Dusk to dawn lighting with motion sensors will give added security to your building premise