Modern Style Garden Design Ideas & Pictures

How do I plan a modern garden layout?

The homeowners of Canada value their gardens a lot. A statistics published by Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics Division of Canada in 2013 revealed, more than half of the Canadian households grew flowers, fruits or vegetable in their garden in the past 12 months or so. 8 out of 10 persons used their front or backyards for gardening. A third of the householders also used their balconies and terraces for this purpose. All these statistics very clearly show how appreciative they are about the rewards of gardening. Clearly you are an avid gardener too and you are planning to redecorate your garden soon.

As you already know, the requirements of a modern garden have changed a lot. Many homes in the cities no longer possess sprawling backyards to build large Japanese rock gardens or Mediterranean style gardens. However, the landscape designers of the modern time have upgraded the design of the gardens and made sure it fulfils the current needs.

Before you start the actual process of gardening, take time out to measure the available space. Think of the features you would like to have here. Some of the common ones include a water feature, vegetable garden, flower garden, greenhouse, garden shed, arbour, gazebo and shaded trees. Think what kind of water feature would suit the place. Would it possible to build a swimming pond, or should you be content with a simple fountain? The same applies to a garden shed and greenhouse. You can only add these features if you have sufficient space to do the same.

Write down the type and the name of the plants you would like to have here. Remember the individual requirements of these plants. Not all plants like constant exposure to sunshine. So you will have to place them in a shaded area of your garden. Some plants abhor loamy wet soil. Don’t put them close to your garden pond. Try to mix the colours of the foliage and flowers. Have balance between seasonal plants and perennials. This way your garden will always look cheerful. You will also be able to plan a more balanced garden ecosystem.

Try to use sustainable materials like wood, bamboo and stone to build your garden shed, deck and patio. Modern garden design has a preference for natural and organic materials. Avoid ornate designs, those are more in tune with classical gardens. The cost of designing a modern landscaped garden exceeds $100 CAD per square foot. While planning a budget for modern garden design include the costs of creating a layout, building the irrigation, drainage and electrical systems, designing the garden path and water feature, buying plants and fees for the professionals involved in the project. An experienced landscape architect will be able to help you calculate the estimate of your dream garden and also design it for you.

What are some of the best plants for a modern garden in Canada?

There is a wide variety of plants available for you to choose from. Some of them are stronger than others, so are more beginners friendly. If you are new to gardening, then you may like to start with them. Moreover, while choosing the garden plants think about the amount of available space, the type of climate in your part of the country and type of soil you have on your backyard. To avoid any kind of mistake, seek the help of a professional gardener.

If you have sandy soil in your garden, choose flowering plants like cleome, yarrow, lavender and crape myrtle. Butter daisy, Japanese iris, aster and fern thrive in clayey soil. Try to create a visual balance between the shrubs, vines, monocot plants like palms and dicots like maple, fig, willow and strawberry. Shrubs like weigela, viburnum and lilac grow very well in modern Canadian gardens. They also create a riot of colours in your garden. The charm of vines like climbing roses, wisteria and clematis must not elude your garden. Place the small or dwarf plants close to the façade and the larger ones at a distance. This way you will ensure a clear view of the façade of your house.    

How do I design a beautiful garden path?

It is difficult to imagine a stylish garden without a winding garden path. The materials that can help you design a trendy path are gravel, mulch, concrete tiles, terracotta, stone, porcelain tiles, brick and riverbed pebbles. Gravel, mulch, terracotta, stone and riverbed pebbles are all organic materials so they help protecting the garden ecosystem. It is difficult to keep a gravel and mulch pathway clean and orderly. Weeds tend to thrive in their presence as well.

Opting for dry laid or mortared brick, porcelain tiles or stone paths seem to be the best choice in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. You can design very modish pathways using these materials. Porcelain tiles are available in a range of exciting colours and designs. The variety of available stone tiles is also notable.

What modern garden lighting options are available in Canada?

To keep your backyard bright and cheerful even after sunset, you will have to install a combination of outdoor lighting fixtures. This will also enhance the security of the premises. To brighten up the garden path, you may install bollard lighting fixtures or path lights. Path lighting comes in various styles. Path lighting costs $50 CAD onwards. You need a set of them to illuminate the garden in front of the house and in the backyard. Bollard lights are sometimes known as post lights. They round pillar like structures. The simplicity of their design suits the modern gardens. Their price is similar to the path lighting fixtures.

To illuminate the swimming pool area or your patio, consider installing deck lighting fixtures. Together with the LED step lighting they can really induce a cheery mood in the atmosphere. Deck lights come in different shapes. They cost less than $100 CAD individually. Well lighting fixtures – priced between $70 CAD and $250 CAD – are installed under big trees or close to a bush. They act more like an ambient lighting fixture and help you highlight the special features of your garden. Submerged pond lighting fixtures are installed under the water of the swimming pools or garden pools. They cost about $150 CAD apiece.