Glass-doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Glass Doors

Glass doors beautifully combine the features from doors and windows, creating both physical and visual access to the space. They are a great addition to the house for more natural light as well as a contemporary look, and the aesthetic appeal is one of their strongest argument.  Glass doors are more frequently seen as patio doors, shower doors or partitions for dining rooms in a house. They are also often operated as sliding doors, with large pieces of glass framed to slide laterally to open.

What are the Pros and Cons of Glass Doors?

A main advantage of glass doors is the natural lights they bring along. Natural light is a significant element to many homeowners, and glass doors are ideal to accentuate the brightness in the house. The area where glass doors are placed will remain bright and fresh. Having a transparent door style also adds to the sleek and classy feel of the home, creating a look of an open space even with the door closed. Having glass doors are a great way to showcase the room with unique decor or a stunning outside view, perfectly connecting the interiors and exteriors. With sliding glass doors, space is saved without any additional door swinging space needed, and they are extremely popular as patio doors.

On the other hand, glass doors can be vulnerable in severe weathers, which can be a serious concern especially in the colder parts of Canada. Glass doors are prone to shatter with environmental conditions including heavy frost, storm, extreme wind or coldness. Therefore they are not suggested to be used as exterior doors under such circumstances. Another reason against glass doors being used for the exterior is security issues. Glass can be easily broken through with smashing a hammer against it, and locks that can be installed on sliding glass doors are generally not as secure and strong as those on wooden doors. Maintenance is also rather troublesome for glass doors, since dirts and stains get on the material more easily, as well as scratches and fingerprints.

How should I Clean and Maintain the Glass Doors?

So with the relatively high maintenance of glass doors, they should be taken care of frequently in the following ways:

Glass Cleaning - Wipe down the glass surface at least once per week to maintain a clear view from the glass door. You can apply dishwashing liquid or window cleaning formula to achieve better results. Remember to clean with some water and leave it to dry to avoid water spots. If stains gets nasty to clean off, you can try removing using some white vinegar or baking soda, which are some unconventional but useful tips to clean glass.

Door Frame Cleaning - Cleaning the frame is just as important, but is often easily ignored. Use mild dishwashing liquid to clean your door frames, wipe and rinse with clear water. A tip is to clean the door frames before you clean the glass, so that the well cleaned glass will not be wet and stained afterwards.

Adding Lubricant - In order to keep the door opening and closing smoothly, adding some lubricant once in awhile can be very helpful. This especially apply to sliding glass doors in which tracks can get rusty or stuck after some time. If you feel like the doors are getting difficult to glide or noises starts to appear while sliding the doors, it is probably time to apply some lubricant.

What are the Different Designs of Glass Doors?

Although many people may associate glass doors as simply a clear piece of glass, there are actually many different designs to choose from, each providing a different look to the house.

Clear - Clear glass doors are the most common. They provide a clean and unobstructed view of both sides, with no distortions of any kind through the glass. Clear glass doors creates a modern and minimalist look.

Square Leaded - This design consists of various square pattern side by side forming the glass door. With such a pattern, the glass view will be distorted slightly but adding a decorative element to the door. Note that the corners of each square may collect dirt more easily and requires regular cleaning.

Diamond Leaded - This design is similar to that of square leaded glass doors, except that the patterns are made up of diamonds instead. The diagonal lines of the diamond shape might cause more distortion to the glass view, therefore make sure you are aware of the visual effects. Diamond leaded glass doors adds elegance to the style of the home.

Georgian Bar - Georgian bar glass door also consists of squared patterns, however usually with a bigger frame. This design creates a doll house look.

Obscure - Obscure glass doors are generally translucent, with highly distorted visibility. This makes it ideal for the bathroom, with certain privacy from the distortion but still a clean and fresh feel from the glass material.

If you cannot decide on the best design for your glass door, you can always consult the door experts to help choose a design that best matches the other interior elements of your house, as well as serving the most suitable functionality. Glass sliding doors will generally cost around $250 CAD to $400 CAD and up, with closet doors at a lower price. Larger pieces of glass doors or those that are more decorative will cost more.