Country Style House Design Ideas & Pictures

What are some of the different styles of country houses?

Country houses of Canada are largely inspired by the medieval architecture of the European rural houses. This style of house became very popular in the country since late 19th century. Ironically, country houses are no longer confined to the rural areas of Canada. You will see them almost everywhere, including in the large cities and suburban areas. Though, generally speaking, a scenic setting is still preferred for a country style dwelling. Because they are influenced by the architecture and design of different eras and geographic regions, country homes may showcase a varied style. Some of the most popular styles include the following:

Ranch style country homes – These country houses are built on generously sized plots of land. They are either built completely from wood or a combination of wood, brick and concrete. These single story houses tend to be spacious and are built with several accessory dwelling units, barns and stables. Animal lovers would have a great time living in a ranch style country dwelling with their horses, sheep, cattle and other domestic animals. If you are planning to build a holiday retreat in the countryside anytime soon, then this would be the perfect option for you.

Acadian style house with a wrap around porch – Acadian houses are inspired by the rural dwellings of France and are one of the most popular country home design in Canada. They are built with gable roofing systems and sometimes with dormer windows. The most attractive feature of these homes is their spacious porches which embrace the house from three sides. You may opt for a prefabricated Acadian style house and reduce the cost of building a new home from scratch. You will also save some time this way.

Manor houses – The charm of manor houses refuses to die with time. If you are planning to build a country dwelling with an enduring appeal then this is the perfect option for you. Manor houses can be two to three story high. They are generally built with a flat roofing system. Manor houses made of stone are considered to be a highly coveted option by the prospective homeowners.

Farm houses – Farm houses are smaller than manors and ranches. They are perfectly suited for a small family. Farm houses are generally appreciated for their rustic appeal. They are built with sloped roofs. Thatched farm houses are becoming increasingly common in Canada. These roofs are made of exotic palm leaves and bamboo. This type of roof gives your country home a slightly different tropical style.

The cost of country houses depends on the complexity of the design, size of the house and materials used for building the structure. If you are building a house in a remote corner of the country then take into consideration the transport costs as well. A spacious ranch style country dwelling or a manor house may cost more than $2,000,000 CAD. However, it is possible to build a farmhouse, having a living area of circa 2000 square feet, in less than $600,000 CAD. You may buy Acadian style prefabricated houses in less than $250,000 CAD.

Which materials should I choose for my country house?

Country houses are best constructed using natural and environmentally sustainable materials. To give it an authentic rural charm, choose locally available materials like wood and stone. Use wood types like beech, birch, cherry, hickory, Douglas fir and cedar to build the interior of the building and clad the walls. Stones like travertine, slate and granite are best suited for a country home. Instead of polished stone, use honed stone for the flooring. This will give the interiors a genuinely rustic feel.

If you are opting for thatched roofing, you may use a variety of materials like straw, palm leaves, reed grass, bamboo or sedge. Thatched roof has great ecological benefits. It also improves the qualities of insulation in the interior of your residence. Modern green roof, inspired by the traditional sod roofing system of the Nordic countries, would be another excellent choice. It is built using several recycled construction materials, sedum sheets and wooden shingles.

Green roof helps you build a properly insulated house. With this in place, you will be able to save considerable amount of energy. However, you will need experienced roof installers capable of installing green roofing system in your home. You may also make use of terracotta tiles, wood and cork to build the roof, walls and interior of your home. Seek advice from an experienced architect to choose the right materials that last long and are cost effective.

What roofing system should I choose for my country home in Canada?

When you hear someone speaking of a country home, the image of a house with a sloped roof comes into your mind. Gable roofing system is the most natural choice for country style buildings. It is very useful for a number of reasons. Gable roofing system prevents the accumulation of snow and water on the rooftop during the winter months and rainy season respectively. You may install gable roofing system made of tiles, wood, straw or slate. Each one of these is capable of giving your house a very elegant appearance.

Hipped roofing systems act as an alternative to the gable roof. A hipped roof has similar benefits to a gable roof. Additionally, it is sturdier and more compact in design than the gable roofing system. From wood to terracotta tiles, it can be made of a range of materials too. Manor houses generally have a flat roofing system. It is generally built using stone or, in some cases, concrete blocks. It is a very durable option. You may utilise the space on the rooftop to build a rustic sundeck. It is possible to have the same benefits with green roofing system too. You may use the terrace to design a barbecue zone with plenty of green plants around.