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Scandinavian Style House Design Ideas & Pictures

What are the main features of a Scandinavian House?

Famous architects and designers like Alvar Aalto, Jørn Utzon, Arne Jacobsen, Kristian Solmer Vedel and Ole Wanscher shaped the interior and exterior of the modern Scandinavian houses. They have also made this style so popular, that the rest of the world was soon captivated by the charm of Scandinavian design. Contemporary residential buildings of Canada often house more than one Scandinavia inspired lighting fixture and piece of furniture. Sometimes, the choice of building materials is also influenced by it.

If you wish to build a house inspired by Scandinavian architecture and design, then follow these basic rules. Avoid any kind of superfluous style and insist on having a simple design for your house. The same applies for the choice of colour schemes. Choose muted colours. Solid hues make the space look more cohesive and harmonious. Consequently they are preferred for the exterior and interior of the Scandinavian homes. Maximize the availability of natural light. Install large glass windows to invite maximum amount of sunlight inside the house. This will make your rooms look naturally cheerful and increase the beauty of the façade. You may seek the help of an architect to design a stylish and comfortable Scandinavian family home.

Choose natural materials like wood and cork for your home. Avoid covering the flooring with wall to wall carpets. Follow minimalist design. Plan an organised and uncluttered interior. It makes your rooms look more spacious and also helps you design a healthier living environment. Decorate the interiors with green plants. Decorate the front yard with shrubs, vines and trees. This green treatment will have a stellar effect on the façade of your house. You may avail the services of a landscape designer to plan a modern garden for your premises.

What are some of the common materials for a Scandinavian House?

Wood is a permanent feature in the Scandinavian homes. It is also one of the most favoured materials for the Canadian dwellings. Natural wood helps you design a warm and welcoming interior environment. Wood clad exterior walls exude a magical charm. As a material it is sustainable and long lasting. Quality timber is easy to procure in Canada. Oak, ash, larch, birch and cedar are often preferred for their subtle tones and prominent textures. Consider building timber clad exterior walls and wood flooring.  

To further enhance the Scandinavian feel, you may opt for white wood flooring. This type of look is obtained by using specialised tinted oil which also protects the quality of the timber flooring. Hardwood flooring costs a minimum of $12 CAD per square foot. Green roofing is gaining in popularity by the day. It is an environment friendly roofing system. It enhances the insulation of the interiors and helps you design an urban sanctuary for your city dwelling. Green roofing is equivalent to the sod roof of the traditional Scandinavian homes. You may use the green roof terrace to do organic farming. Green roofing costs about $30 CAD per square foot.  

Glass is used for panelling the doors and windows. Toughened glass is utilised for designing the non-load bearing walls. You may also install toughened glass partitions between your main bedroom and dressing room or between the library and home office. Contemporary Scandinavian houses are also built with some other materials like brick, stone and mortar. Like any other contemporary dwellings, these materials help to design the basic structure of a Scandinavian house.

What are the pros and cons of a prefabricated Scandinavian house?

The popularity of prefabricated Scandinavian houses is at an all time high. The hassle free installation process entices prospective homeowners to invest in a prefab Scandinavian building. It is a very cost effective option. You may buy a prefabricated Scandinavian dwelling at a price of $200 CAD per square foot. The cost of a bespoke Scandinavian structure may easily exceed $500 CAD per square foot.

Prefabricated structures are available in a variety of trendy designs. You may buy a modish and minimalist Scandinavian building or go for a traditional Scandinavian log cabin. The latter will especially suit you, if you are planning to build a home in a scenic setting or planning to utilise it as a holiday retreat. Since they are built following stringent quality guidelines, these homes tend to be more energy efficient than some bespoke houses.

Most of the packages include such essential features of a functional household like kitchen table, storage units and bathroom fittings. So you need not take the hassles of arranging for the proper fittings for these spaces. The flooring of these houses is built using natural wood or engineered wood. The latter is more affordable, though it lacks the charm and durability of the natural hardwood.

Despite their obvious benefits, prefabricated structures don’t suit the tastes of every homeowner. Though they are available in a variety of designs, they would not suit you if you have very specific design requirements. The cost of buying a multi-family prefabricated home often matches or exceeds the price of building a multi-family Scandinavian home.

How to choose the right colour scheme for my Scandinavian home?

Decorate the exterior walls of your Scandinavian abode with neutral colours. Include wood cladding to break the monotony. Shades of pale grey, breezy blue and white are frequently used in the interior of the Nordic homes. These colours tend to reflect light and create a brighter living space. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with your colour schemes. Inject a splash of bright tone in the form of a stylish Nordic chair, a framed art on the wall, lighting fixtures, cushions and throws on the sofa. Use solid colours such as lime green, pale yellow or tangerine as accents. Bright copper tone also feels in sync with Scandinavian design. You may seek more colour and design related suggestions from any of the interior designers available on homify’s online platform.