Infinity Pool: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is an infinity pool?

A luxury swimming pool with seemingly overflowing water that creates a visual effect of vanishing into the horizon is known as an infinity pool. To add an extra sense of drama, these pools are often built on the edges of the cliffs or by the ocean. The already stunning backdrop accentuates the effect even further.

Infinity pools are designed with an infinite or negative edge. For many years, infinity pools were permanent features of select few hotels and resorts. But advancement of technology and wide availability of the raw materials have now made them popular for residential buildings as well. To increase their attractiveness among potential buyers, many posh condos in Canada are now being built with this facility. Single detached family homes have also fallen in love with its charm and seem to increase in popularity. Infinity pools can be built on your backyard as well as on the terrace.

How does an infinity pool work?

Infinity pools are built with a catch basin. It collects the water overflowing the negative edge. Since the surrounding scenery heightens the effects of these pools, their position within the house is of great importance. If you are planning to build an infinity pool in your city home, but don’t have the natural landscape to fall back on, take advantage of the city’s skyline.

Infinity pools are fitted with circulation pumps and a sophisticated filtration system. Together, they keep the water clean and usable for the purpose of taking a splash. If you are building a pool on the slopes of a hilly terrain, make sure to reinforce the ground and build a strong base. This is done with the help of a steel structure that gives the foundation additional support.

How can I design an infinity pool?

Choose designs based on the availability of the space on your backyard or terrace. If this is the first time you are attempting this, seek opinions of the pool and spas experts. Except for the design of the pool itself, they would be able to advise you on the ground support and planning the hydraulics.

You will need to have a precisely designed catch basin. It should be deep enough to hold the excess water, but not so deep that it creates a stagnant pool of water. The catch basin is usually fitted with a separate circulation pump. Let experienced plumbers design the plumbing system for you. Install underwater LED pool lights. With proper pool illumination in place, you would be able to take a dip even after sunset. Owing to the complex nature of the entire system, even small infinity pools take weeks to get completed, so be patient with the progress of the work.

How to perform the maintenance of an infinity pool?

Invest in a pool cleaning kit in which you will find all the tools necessary for the job. Take care to thoroughly clean the actual pool area and the catch basin. You may use pool vacuums and skimmers to clean the pool water and the interiors of the pool. Use cleaning products that are meant for such uses.

Many people are allergic to chlorinated water. If you are one of them, use organic substances instead. Take an allergy test, if you are using a product for the first time. Check the electrical fixtures, plumbing and filtration systems periodically. Take expert help to rectify the issues in any of these systems.

Testing the water quality at least twice a week is highly recommended. Once again, you may use a standard water quality testing kit to perform this job yourself. You will instantly get the results on the alkalinity of the water, bromine content etc. Alternatively, you may send samples of water to a local laboratory to perform such tests.

Pros and cons of owning an infinity pool

So you have gone through a variety of infinity pools images and made your choices. But before you take the final decision let’s discuss the pros and cons of owning such a pool. Infinity pool has a beautifying effect on the exterior of your house. It increases the value of your property. Enjoying a dip in the sultry summertime feels all the more tempting. You could enjoy organising poolside parties like never before.

However, the cost of building a pool like this is much higher than conventional swimming pools. If you are not an enthusiastic swimmer or use your house only for the holiday season, you may not like spending a large sum for having this feature in your home. This is an excellent choice for beginners and mid-level swimmers. But if you are an avid or professional swimmer, you may like to have a lap pool instead of an infinity pool.

The maintenance cost of the infinity pools are also much higher than ordinary pools which only inflates your budget further. Infinity pool designs are not child friendly. Children can easily fall over the vanishing edge into the catch basin. If you have kids at home, you may like to have a separate above-ground child-friendly pool for them or stick to conventional pool designs.

How much does building an infinity pool cost?

The cost of custom built pools often exceeds CAD 70,000. The extra work needed to reinforce the foundation, the complex design, plumbing and filtration system all contribute to the cost of the infinity swimming pools. You may also like to have a beautiful deck area to complement the design of the pool. You may go for wooden deck, stone or tiled flooring. The cost of this must be added to your budget as well. Wooden pool decks can cost approximately CAD 250 per square metre. The cost of stone or tiled flooring is largely dependent on the type and quality of the raw materials.