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Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

What are the main features of a country kitchen?

Country kitchen interiors boast of a simple and rustic charm that is unique to its own. Designers of country kitchens insist on building a functional space and shunning all superfluous designs. The interior of this space makes maximum use of the environment friendly and sustainable materials like stone, wood, bamboo, cane, cork etc. Locally available materials are generally opted for while designing this space. This considerably brings down the cost of designing a country style kitchen.

Install large glass panelled windows in this space. This will shower the generosity of sunshine in the interiors. A light filled space feels more cheerful and offers you a healthier living environment. Casement or French windows are best for the country homes. Any other window type looks too trendy in a rustic setting.

The appearance of traditional kitchens has changed a lot from the beginning of 20th century. The owners of the contemporary dwellings tend to use lot of kitchen appliances, built in kitchen cupboards and a more functional layout even in the interior of country kitchens. Many of these items are indispensable for today’s kitchen. So designing a completely rustic kitchen may not be possible for you now. Try to go for an eclectic style instead and merge traditional décor with modern inventions. If struggling to do so in a seamless way, seek help of a professional kitchen planner.

Which materials do I need for my country kitchen in Canada?

You may use a range of materials to design an elegant and hygienic country kitchen. Choose materials that are durable, cost effective, easy to maintain and is capable of designing a rustic space. Due to the nature of the space, renovating a kitchen is notoriously difficult. So try to choose only such materials that boast of a long life.

Timber – Use of timber lies in the very heart of the country style décor. You may use timber for designing the flooring, kitchen countertops, cabinets and shelving system. A variety of wood like cedar, ash, maple, pine and oak could be used for these purposes. Wood lasts for decades. Their unique texture and colour gives your kitchen a very graceful appearance. In case of kitchen flooring, use sealant to seal the top surface of the wood floor and protect it from moisture related problems.

Bamboo, cork and cane are three of the popular alternative to wood. While bamboo and cork can both be used to design stylish kitchen flooring, cane can only be used to build kitchen furniture. Both bamboo and cork are more of a contemporary choice. They are affordable, not prone to moisture related problems and durable. You may use cork to build the walls as well. Though vinyl and laminate furniture with wood like appearance is used to decorate some kitchens, it is not a suitable choice for country style spaces. The smooth surfaces of laminate furniture or countertops also don’t feel completely in tune with the rustic theme of décor.

Metal – Metal is not used too frequently in a country kitchen. The sleek and glossy finish of metallic furniture and countertops don’t feel in sync with the country decor. But in a kitchen, some of amount of metal is going to be present in the form of door hardware, wire racks, faucets and so on. In such cases, use metallic items with a copper finish or wrought iron hardware.

Ceramic tiles – Ceramic tiles are very common in modern homes. Kitchen designers also use a fair amount ceramic tile in the interior of the country kitchens. Ceramic tiles are impervious to water, extremely easy to clean and very affordable. They are available in a variety of designs and hues. You may easily choose tiles with neutral colours or those showcasing pastoral images or floral motifs for this space.

Brick and terracotta – Both brick and terracotta is frequently used in a country kitchen. Brick can be utilised to design the basic structure as well as the flooring. Terracotta tiles can be used to cover the flooring and the walls. You may also consider using brick or stone mortared pavers for the flooring. These surprising choices will help you design a rustic kitchen with a difference. Expect to spend between $400 CAD and $750 CAD per square foot to design a country kitchen.

What furniture should I buy for my country style kitchen?

While decorating a kitchen, you must try to optimise the storage space, the lack of which will have a disastrous effect on the interior of your home. Choose rustic wooden cabinets for your kitchen. Instead of freestanding cupboards, go for built in kitchens. This will allow you to make the best use of the space in the kitchen. Install floating shelves and wire racks to further increase the storage space. You may opt for shelves made from wood, rattan or bamboo.

Install a kitchen island made of wood or a combination of wood and stone. Consider using a part of the island as a bar or dining table. You may buy a set of very stylish bar stools made of cane, bamboo, wood or rattan and place them close to the island cum table. Opting for portable kitchen islands would be advantageous for a small kitchen. You may buy islands with built in seating arrangement. You may also consider creating a cosy dining booth close to the windows. Buy cushion covers with floral motifs and deck up the chair with them. Choose only those type of textiles that are easy to clean and maintain.