Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

How to decorate a modern kitchen in Canada?

Of all the different areas of a modern home, the kitchen has undergone the most drastic changes in the last century or so. The interior of a contemporary kitchen is very different from the kitchens of late 19th century or even early 20th century. Increasing use of electrical appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens and kitchen hoods help modern homeowners in Canada and, elsewhere in the world, design a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen.

However, in one aspect, modern kitchens lost out to the classical kitchens’ availability of space. Small confinements of the contemporary homes forced the interior architects to think even harder about the design of the kitchens and come up with innovative solutions. While decorating a modern kitchen, always make sure to have only those items of décor that you absolutely need in this space. Don’t clutter the interior with too many articles of furniture and décor. A cluttered kitchen is very difficult to clean and maintain.

Opt for built in furniture whenever possible. It helps you design a sleek kitchen interior. Maintain a triangle between the refrigerator, oven and kitchen faucet. It will make your task in the kitchen easier. Use the walls properly. Install floating cabinets on the walls to maximise the storage space. When following an open plan living room, make sure the design of your kitchen matches the rest of the room.

What layout to choose for my modern kitchen?

Before you plan the layout of your kitchen, don’t forget to take an accurate measurement of the entire space. Choose a layout that suits the interior of the kitchen and helps you work comfortably in this space. To make an optimal use of the available space, you may discuss your options with a kitchen planner. Galley kitchen layout is very suitable for a small dwelling or a studio apartment. You may choose a galley kitchen for a space which has an oblong corridor like shape. In a galley kitchen, you will find the cabinets and kitchen table laid out in a straight line against the wall.

In case of the double galley design you follow the same arrangement, but set the furniture against two of the longer walls of the room. Double galley kitchen helps you build an elaborate larder inside the kitchen. U-shaped layouts are very popular in the Canadian homes. This layout is perfectly suitable for a square shaped room. However, this layout is not the best option for a space which is smaller than 80 square feet.

Going for an L-shaped layout would be your next best option. L-shaped kitchens are extremely common in the modern dwellings. It helps you design a comfortable kitchen without taking up too much space. You may also use the shorter arm of the L-shaped kitchen table to set up a stylish home bar. The cost of building and decorating a modern kitchen depends on your choices of materials and furniture. Be prepared to spend at least $12000 CAD to design a modern kitchen of about 100 square feet space.

What are some of the best flooring materials for a modern kitchen?

Use of porcelain and ceramic tiles is very common in the modern kitchens. You get an extensive range of hues and designs to choose from. You may also install ceramic wall tiles to cover the walls and protect them from dust and grease. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are water resistant. So they don’t allow mould and mildew to grow in this space. They are cost effective and easy to clean options. Both of them are durable, but porcelain tiles are even stronger than ceramic tiles.

Stone flooring is very popular in this space too. Like tiles, stone does not absorb water which helps you maintain a kitchen free of any dampness. Stone is one of the most durable flooring materials. Presence of granite, marble, sandstone or limestone flooring is capable of giving a glamorous makeover to this space. The appeal of hardwood flooring cannot be ignored at all. You may install wood flooring made of cedar, mahogany, oak or walnut. The durability of wood is noteworthy. It does not lose its charm with time. But make sure to seal your wood flooring with sealant that will help you keep it moisture free.

Laminate and vinyl flooring is considered a more affordable alternative to wood. They are not as durable as wood, though both of them can resemble the look of wood to some extent. Cork and bamboo flooring are two other flooring options for the modern kitchens. Both of them boast of an appealing look. Besides they are cost effective, sustainable, easy to maintain and durable.    

What countertop materials are available for my kitchen?

You have a wide range of kitchen countertop materials available to choose from. Laminated countertops are affordable. It is available in a range of trendy designs. It is stain resistant and don’t get easily damaged by heat. However, laminated countertops are prone to chipping. It is difficult to remove scratch marks from a laminated surface. Laminated kitchen countertops cost about $60 CAD per square foot.

Stone is heavy and requires a strong base for installation. You can install stone countertops on a wooden base reinforced by steel. However, stone is extremely durable and boasts of a very appealing look. It is easy to clean and does not get damaged by heat. Granite and marble tops are two of the most durable countertop materials. There is also a high demand for slate, quartz, sandstone and limestone countertops for their beauty. Slate and quartz are not as durable as granite or marble. When hit hard, the edges of slate or quartz countertops may chip. Stone countertops cost between $60 CAD and $250 CAD per square foot.

For a trendier kitchen décor, you may choose toughened glass countertops. Toughened glass is water repellent, easy to clean and reasonably heat resistant. It is not brittle as the common glass and it costs around $120 CAD per square foot. Professional chefs vouch for aluminium countertops. You may opt for aluminium countertops as well. It is easy to maintain and water resistant. The shiny metallic texture of aluminium looks great in a contemporary home. It costs about $35 CAD per square foot.